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“I Love Boobies” and Showtime’s The Big C

In a day job where I come into contact with a lot of teens, I’ve noticed a great number wearing rubber bracelets – thicker and broader, more physically substantial in all ways than the once-hot yellow Livestrong wristbands – reading “I love boobies.” That is, they say that in a voguish shorthand, the “love” replaced by a big heart with a smaller heart stenciled inside.

Thoughts on ABC’s My Generation

I saw a preview of “My Generation” on Youtube. It said the show is about people who graduated in 2000 and what they’re doing ten years later. I was like, “Oh my god, this is about me!” I danced around my living room excited to find out television has finally decided to take my generation seriously.

Pop Music of the Great Depression vs. the Great Recession: Seems Bleak

In 1932, two years into The Great Depression, unemployment was at 23.6%. It’s been two years since The Great Recession started. According to federal statistics, unemployment is at 9.6%, and according to MSN Money the real unemployment rate is 16.6%. What were they listening to, back then? What are we listening to, now?

Is Joaquin Still Here?

Throughout the film, Phoenix treats his loyal entourage like dirt, and on the whole, acts like a narcissistic, drug addicted pig. Maybe he was trying to satirize celebrity and what it has become.

Beatniks and the Roots of Hipsters

I think some writers could mention the hipster’s obsession with clothes or music, but every American subculture has an obsession with defining themselves with clothes and music. That is just being American.

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