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Is Censorship “Hate Speech”?

Why do we do this? Why do we read the person instead of the output? The artist not the artwork? Should we ban Alice Adventures in Wonderland because Lewis Carroll might have been a pedophile?

Dating a Stand-Up Comedian

You watch him open his free water bottle with hands shaking so minutely only you’d notice the tremors, and you silently hope he won’t spill anything because you can’t remember if you bought him the water resistant khakis or if you went with the normal fabric.

I Am A Dumb Blonde

I nodded like I knew what she meant, like I was saying amen sister in my head, but I wasn’t in danger of anyone asking to have sex with me for another six years or so.

Dawson’s Creek, Revisited

And what exactly are you implying? That I’m completely devoid of any self-worth, that my subservience was the attraction? Of all people, Pacey…

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