woman in white shirt sitting on green grass field during daytime

I Found Peace Is In His Arms

Home for me has never been a place of safety, of calm, of solace and serenity… but I find that in his arms. Being with him is finally like feeling like I am home, and peace is in his presence.

On a dark night away from busy streets and our 9 to 5 jobs, under the blankets and a sleeping bag, I trace my fingers across the contours of his back and along the valley of his spine, feeling what gives him his strength. His hands, they’re tough but have the softest touch; they rest on the slight curves of my body, and once in a while, our hands intertwine with our palms resting in one another’s, acknowledging each other without a need for words.

His deep brown eyes, they are intensely bright, strangely like the calm before a storm. A warm embrace of light, his personality embodies the kind of purity that you can only discern with the right kind of person. As he lays down behind me with his arm around my waist, our bodies curled up together, he brushes the side of my face with his fingertips, with the gentlest sensation of care, and I know this is love.

How beautiful it is to be able to experience a love this pure, radiant, honest, true, and genuine. One of the most difficult realizations is the knowledge that some people search their entire lives for that kind of love, but some never find it. To experience true love, even if it is only meant for a finite amount of time, is a gift.

Love endures in the everyday moments of life, even when apart or sitting in silence without touching, to simply feel and know that he is there. It is in the mundane moments when I watch him peacefully sleeping next to me, or when he is enjoying the exact same meal he picks every time from our favorite neighbourhood Thai restaurant. It is in the disagreements when our words and action matter most—it is how we overcome and put aside our differences and come together each time to be stronger and closer.

Looking at him is like seeing the future of the unapologetically bold growth I wish to see in myself—to live fearlessly, to become a better version of myself: someone who is kind and selflessly compassionate, who loves with an open heart, and who embodies courage through the most difficult trials of life.

To have someone who I can grow alongside with, someone who brings out the positive aspects of myself that I didn’t know existed within, someone who inspires me to love fiercely and to give back to those who need it the most… that is the greatest feeling of all.