woman holding sparkler

Cast Your Circle, Wild Woman

Cast your circle, wild woman, and look me in the eye. When you are in the middle of expansion, you are in the midst of death. At times, offering your soul-truth-art-expression in this world can feel frightening. The movement forward ever more deeply into the deeper layers of our soul-truth-art-world will not only continue to shake you up, but others as well. The world is working toward letting this light in, as you are.

The expansion of your soul is the death of something somewhere in the universe. It is the death of chance, choice, encounters, and experiences that never come to be.

Expansion is the undertaking of your soul for full sensual embodiment. It is not a striving-or-arriving, it is simply the embrace of the full-forced grace that prevails each moment. Close your eyes, sweet child. Do you hear that, the world around you, that world inside you? Do you hear? Not just with your sensuous being, but hearing with your soul. Do you hear the world rippling forward inside you, and you in the world?

There is no buffer, no in-between space.

Humans have strived to create the buffer, to segment, to seperate, to dismantle and disengage. Things, people, and even the planet are caged up, a thing to be owned—or not, kicked out and cast into the past so readily. The woman of the now, the priestess, the hag, the crone or wild woman that is yearning to shake you—wake you—with her intuitive insights, her babbling bullshit, and murky-golden-mucky past, parachuting down from a dream-like-world. Darling, these things, those things, that you’ve kept creeping at the back of your mind won’t harm you, they will wake you. Life is not a business, life is a sensuous encounter of the soul. The soul of your sensuality is not terrifying. It is, however:








Cast your circle and look me in the eye. When you do, whisper these words, “I am fluid, I am dynamic, I am wild, I am free, I am incomparable, I am incomprehensible, I am awe inspiring.”

Be easy on yourself, sweet one—you are in the midst of expansion, and with expansion comes death.