A Series Of Things I Still Like About You

I like that you make me a better version of myself.

I like that you support my wildest endeavors. When everyone else didn’t believe I could write, you gave me a pen and a notebook.

I like how you’re so intelligent that you always seem to have the right answer to everything I question.

I like the feeling when you talk with me, as if all my thoughts are valid. You make me feel as if order is possible in my chaos.

I like that you’re always the first who comes to mind when I have a problem with something. You make me feel grounded. There’s a sense of ease and comfort when I’m around you.

I like that we can finish each other’s thoughts, and if we ever disagree on something, I like that we can talk it through without feeling defensive. I like that we understand each other too well to know that any differences in opinions are just opinions—our values remain the same.

I like how your smile is so infectious that I can’t help but smile when you do.

I like how happy I get when I hear from you. I also kind of hate that because it tortures me when I don’t hear from you.

I like that when I discover something new, be it funny, silly, thoughtful, you’re the first I want to share it with. I feel like a five-year-old at show-and-tell forwarding everything I find to you.

I like that you make me feel as if I’m not so alone. You remind me that there is someone out there cares about how I feel, who is willing to take my ideas and emotions into consideration. There is still so much to go through in this crazy world, and I really cannot imagine going about it without you.

I like how you make me feel that my soul has a forever friend. Any pain, any hardship, any twist or turn in the road, any closing doors in my face all seem bearable knowing that at the end of the day, you’re here by my side. Together, we can face anything. Together, we will make this world our own.

I hated when you told me you felt as if you have no soulmate, because after everything I like about you and every moment we shared, were you not mine?

I hated when you left. I felt helpless and couldn’t make sense of anything.

But after all these years, I like that I finally understand what I want. All the qualities I liked in you will prepare me for my real soulmate. And one day when I see him, I will recognize him immediately on top of his mountain, searching for me.