You Were The One Who Decided To Leave, So Let Me Be

I gave you everything I could. I tried my best to be your person, and I every time I looked for my person, you were nowhere to be found. You disappointed me constantly. I gave you multiple chances, but in the end, you fell short each and every time.

It’s over. It’s been over. Yet you come back. You come back thinking I was going to be standing right there with my arms wide open, waiting for you. The harsh reality of it all is that I’m not.

I refuse to be that person that constantly waits for the day someone realizes the love they had when that day may never come.

I gave you chances on top of chances to prove yourself to me, to show me you that you wanted me to be in your life. You had every opportunity in the world, but you missed every single one. Every time I got closer to you, you pushed me away farther away. There’s only so much you can do for someone until they hit a breaking point. And I may have a soft, caring heart, but don’t put me in a position to show you how cold it can turn. 

I have nothing left to give you, and for that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you thought you could leave yet keep me in the palm of your hand. I’m sorry that you were so caught up in yourself that you forgot that I may care about you, but I care about myself more. Finally, I am sorry that I finally realized I was too good to you and that you don’t deserve one more second of my love.

You were the one who decided to leave, so stay gone. Let me be me. You need to give me the space and freedom to move on. I need to focus on the ones who want me in their life and continue to prove so. Let me be me, and I will continue to let you be you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark