Diary Of A Sugar Baby

Diary Of A Sugar Baby

This week I did something without even thinking about it and now I’ve made £500 from it.

Background Information

I’m a 19-year-old student living in Manchester, I’m in my second year of uni and I live with 3 other flatmates. Next year I will be off on my year abroad and I’m keen to save up so I can travel while there.

I feel that I am well suited to being a Sugar Baby as I’m naturally a very sexually adventurous person and enjoy being submissive, which is what most Daddies are looking for. Also, since I’ve had a particularly sexually adventurous year, after breaking up with my long term and first ever boyfriend, this seems to come more naturally to me. I’m no stranger to sexting or having sex on a first date.

Also, of course, the money is very helpful, this week has got me out of my overdraft and helped me on the way to booking flights for a summer holiday in Canada.

I’m also dating someone in my real life, not my SB (sugar baby) life. I told him about all of this and he’s perfectly okay with it as he is also very sexually open, he doesn’t want to know the details but he understands that this is purely business and he is where I get my true pleasure.

The Details

On Wednesday night, I was having dinner in the kitchen when my flatmate announced that he was going to sign up for seekingarrangement.com. He told us he’d done it before on his Erasmus year but didn’t give anything else away. I also signed up, mostly out of curiosity, I didn’t really expect anything to come from it. Really I thought that I’d deactivate my account within a day or two. After setting up the account, I had to wait for my pictures to be verified by the sight. The next morning I woke up to 7 messages from different men and with my photos verified. By the end of the day, I had added several men on WhatsApp and made my first £50 out of selling 2 photos of myself naked and one video of me undressing. The following day I made £130 more for 13 photos, some in lingerie and some naked.

Sending nudes is something that I have obviously done in the past but previously to men that I’m dating or talking to on a more serious level and I had never been with someone over the age of 26. However, I figured that I look quite good and I’m not ashamed of my body, and of course making money from it was a bonus.

I also started an online arrangement with another man. He would give me £500 a month for a constant Dom/Sub relationship. This involves being set daily tasks that I must follow, this has included sending audio while I masturbate and a video of me performing pet-play (pretending to be a cat). I also had certain rules to follow, like calling him Sir and he just calls me “girl”. I sent the audio files on the first day of this before I got any money but refused photos before cash. The following day I received the first part of my £500 and sent him the video.

Meanwhile, I had also been talking to even more people about potential meets, I had agreed to see certain people but with no confirmed dates set. Some Daddies offered up to £2500 per month to meet them about once a week.

On Saturday evening I received a message from a man saying he would be in Manchester for work on the following day but for one night only. I figured that with this request there was no time for delay and no real time to get to know him. I would be at my part-time job all the next day and wouldn’t be able to get the small talk out of the way. I decided I had to go for it, once this first meet was out of the way I could really get down to business. The next day I asked how he would like me to dress, he requested a short dress but that I look classy. I put on a red suede dress and red lingerie and set off, I met him in his hotel lobby and we went for drinks. As I’ve been somewhat of a serial dater over the last year, I found this surprisingly easy, even with a man more than twice my age. Then, of course, we went back to his hotel room, but you don’t need the details of that. It was before 10 PM when I collected my cash and made my way back home.

Today I woke up feeling perfectly normal, no sense of guilt or anything similar to that, which some people may be worried about. I feel excited to do it all again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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