Maybe They Didn’t Love You, But They Didn’t Deserve You

woman wearing brown sun hat standing on grass near white house
Rachael Crowe / Unsplash

You met this person, and they came to you while you were vulnerable. Maybe you were in a relationship and they pursued you regardless. Maybe it was a friend who was jealous. In a relationship, they gave you line after line to hook you and made you feel like they were a knight in shining armor. They got you, only to tear you down piece by piece until you felt like you were nothing. Screw them because you know very well they are screwing someone else over at this very moment!

This cowardly act that they put on has nothing to do with you. They are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Do not let them steal your joy and happiness. You deserve so much more than a half-hearted friendship full of lies and betrayal. You deserve someone you can trust for their loyalty, not their manipulation and bullshit. Shame on these people that try to make people as miserable as they are in life. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that you pick yourself up, dust off the blood from your wounds, and show them how you cannot be defeated.

Some people live off bringing other people down to feel as unhappy as them. This is their baggage, not yours. We as adults have enough problems of our own and do not need to take on anyone else’s drama. Focus on you and the good things that you know reside inside of you. Be the good friend and don’t be afraid to trust others because of people like this, because there are good people out there that have good intentions. Forget the ones with bad intentions.

Those with bad intentions will occasionally slip through your intuition radar and you just have to live and learn and keep moving. It’s life. You learn from the bad and enjoy the good. So the next time someone tries to manipulate you, remember the signs and red flags and say to yourself, “I deserve better. I will be better than this.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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