When The One You Loved Moved On (And You Didn’t)

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Ahh, the feeling of moving on. The freedom of not worrying about him anymore or shedding anymore tears. It’s the best feeling in the world. You’re single again; independent and ready to mingle. Except for when the opposite happens of what you want; he moves on and you don’t.

You know that guy you couldn’t stop thinking about? The guy you kissed for the first time and you knew your world was never going to be the same? How about the guy who you saw being the father of your children and growing old with? Yes, I’m talking about THAT guy. Because let’s be honest, we’ve all had someone like that in our life that we look back on now and can still feel the broken piece of your heart.

This is the guy that you thought was perfect for you. This is the guy that you would stay up all night talking to on the phone because you wanted to hear his voice. This is the guy you would travel hours to see and watch a sports game with him just to see his excitement. This is also the guy who felt the same way about you (at least he said he did) but left you anyways. This is the guy who felt “a deep connection” but wanted other women. And this is the guy who said he wouldn’t date someone your age, but married someone the exact same age as you. Yes, that guy.

This GUY that I’m sure everyone has thought of in their head right now is the reason for break in my heart. You know what makes a broken heart hurt more? Seeing pictures of how happy he is with his perfect wedding pictures, honeymoon snaps and their first house together hashtag on Instagram. I admit, I tortured myself and stalked social media because I like to cut my wounds deeper and heal them with wine. I couldn’t help but put myself in his wife’s shoes. They were supposed to be my memories and all I got was a knife to the heart. Let me guess, you definitely know what guy in your life I’m referring to now.

Yes, the guy who said he loved you, but clearly didn’t.

Yes, the guy who ghosted you and stopped all communication.

Yes, the guy who said he would never break your heart but did.

Yes, this is the guy who moved and you never did. TC mark

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