To The Friends Who Stick With Us Through Our Heartbreak

To The Friends Who Stick With Us Through Our Heartbreak
Omar Lopez

I think we’re all guilty of this. We never really gave much significance for the impact our best friends have on each other’s lives during those times of heartache.

We knew we had shoulders to cry on and we had company to keep when we needed it most, but we never really considered much of anything else past him. Yes, him. The guy that broke our heart.

We all have that guy. Whenever we think of our heartbreak, our minds immediately direct our thoughts to him. We look back on those dark days and limit ourselves into thinking that he was the salve to our broken hearts. That only he could fill those gaps and make us whole again.

And though that may hold true in some aspects, I want to recognize our friends, too. When he left, it was them who had to deal with what was left of the broken pieces. And although we may not have found the perfect formula to glue our hearts back together, we have found a way to keep those pieces intact for each other. For our friends.

No matter how sad or downright pathetic it may have seemed, it was in those moments of ugly crying in each other’s arms, of getting drunk trying to forget the boy that forgot about us, and of nights out that turned into sleepovers that turned into sleeping in the entire day, that we helped each other heal. And that’s so much more than what could be said of him.

We won’t stay heartbroken forever. Love leaves, but love comes back. Sometimes, in the form of the same boy, or sometimes in someone new.

When our hearts become whole again, we often forget the struggle that we put into making it that way. We won’t look back and consider those memories of drunken nights and late night discussions with friends as the reason of us being whole again. Because we will believe that it was because of his love.

And it’s true, love is the ultimate formula to glue our hearts whole. It is the salve we have tried to compensate for each other. But I never want to forget that, though it was his love that made my heart whole again, it was the love of my best friends that saved the pieces of my broken heart. There wouldn’t be a whole heart now if my best friends hadn’t saved those pieces then.

I want to thank you all for sticking with me when even he didn’t. I want to thank you all for helping me find my way back to love, even when it hurt me. And I want to thank you for understanding me when I couldn’t even understand myself.

My heart is no longer in tiny shards like broken glass and though it was his love that sealed my heart whole, it was the love of my best friends that made it possible. I promise, we can take on any heartbreak if we have each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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