25 Victims Of Attempted Murder Tell Their Haunting Story

These heartbreaking stories about Ask Reddit will remind you that you can’t trust anyone. Not your family members. Not your exes. Not even the person sharing your bed.
Victim of murder
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1. My girlfriend’s ex shot me in the chest

“My girlfriend’s ex ambushed us coming home one night, around 1am. He stepped from the garage and shot me in the chest, then as my girlfriend pushed her son toward the dark bushes and told him to run… she tripped and fell. He shot her 6 times, in the head and chest with a .357, reloaded… and was scared off by the blazing security lights of our neighbor. Her son escaped because of the lights, I lived by playing dead, pulled my cell out when he ran off and mis-dialed an old roommate because I thought holding 9 on a Nokia dialed 911. Got 911 and cops/paramedics showed up after her son helped get a rag to cover what I thought was one hole. Necklace I was wearing deflected the bullet (novelty dog tag) and bullet went sideways out chest and into arm. One bullet, three holes (four when they cut it out of my arm on other side where it stopped just under the skin).

Her son is pretty fucked up by it all, to say the least. I’ve recovered mentally, I think.

Lesson: don’t get involved with crazy fucks, screw the restraining order and MOVE somewhere they won’t find you. Your life isn’t worth staying where you are and hoping. She was killed the DAY after she had the restraining order served. They only make things worse if someone thinks they’ll have you or no one will.” — Samwellikki

2. My ex-boyfriend tried to stab me to death

“My ex was extremely violent and controlling. He was trying to make me pregnant so I would be dependent on him and never leave him. Basically, he found out I’d been taking birth control pills. He poured boiling water over me as I slept and stabbed me multiple times. Thankfully a neighbor heard my screams and called the police.” — bilnas

3. Someone shot at my car through their back windshield

“Someone cut me off in traffic (I’m talking like my bumper scraped theirs as they forced their way in front of me) so naturally I honked at them.

And their perfectly sound and reasonable reaction was to shoot at my car through their back windshield multiple times before speeding off hitting 2 other cars in the process.” — PM_ME_UR_PASTA_GURL

4. My father tried to suffocate me with a plastic bag

“My father was in the Navy in Vietnam when I was born. He decided he did not want a child after all and declined to provide support until his CO was notified and forced him to send money home. While he was home on leave he tried to suffocate me with a plastic bag, My grandfather confronted him with a .30-06 hunting rifle and backed him out of the house.” — DanishWhoreHens

5. A girl wrapped a belt around my neck to suffocate me

“Dad was dating a real nice lady with a demon child from hell that didn’t want her mom dating anybody. Whole family comes into town to meet new gf and I’m upstairs playing with her daughter. She then puts a belt around my neck and is choking me with it so I try and crawl away and get down the stairs but can’t scream. I started banging on the wall until my family came upstairs and found me blue in the face about to be strangled to death. My dad broke up with her that night which I felt bad over but her daughter was the spawn of Satan.” — willwhit87

6. Someone shot bullets through our living room window

“When I was 17, I was home one night sitting in the dining room of my parents house while on the phone. Since the conversation went on for a couple hours (talking to some girl), I got up from my seat to lay down on the floor and stretch out. It had just gotten dark and as I bent over to lay down, I heard a “bang”, saw a flash and noticed the curtain over the window behind my chair floating down from the ceiling. It took me a couple seconds, then I realized someone had shot a gun in to the house where I was just sitting. So, I ran over to check on my mother (her room had windows leading to where the shooter was) and make sure she was alright (she was). Then, with all the lights off and no weapon, I head out the back door in hopes of coming around the side of the house to catch whoever the hell had just tried to shoot me. In retrospect, this was not a good plan. Fortunately, the shooter had gone and I was left waiting for the police.

Based on the investigation, the police determined that someone had been in our front yard, waited for my mother’s bedroom light to turn off (it illuminated the front area, house was on a hill) then shot in to our dining room window from the porch. The bullet went through the front window, in to our kitchen and lodged in our refrigerator. The trajectory passed right through where my head would have been had I not laid down.

The shooter was never found and the police chalked it up to gang violence since I was a young latino.” — dollardumb

7. My father killed my mother and then tried to kill me

“My mom was murder by my abusive father. I was about four and saw what happened. He saw me and tried to kill me next. But the neighbor heard the screaming and called the police.

The police came before he could even touch me. Took him down and arrested him.

He hung himself in prison 20 years later after the guilt ate him alive.” — dinosaregaylikeme

8. My father tried to murder us with his bare hands

“The story is about my father who really liked to drink 24/7. He would often get angry and throw stuff around or threaten complete strangers but he never harmed me or my brother, so we got used to it and just ignored it most of the time. But one day he got into a fistfight with some random guy at the gas station (where he liked to drink for 20 hours straight) and when he got home he was in a really bad mood. I took my brother and we left the apartment to go play football with the other kids in the park. At some point while we were playing I lost the key to the basement that I had with me because our ball was locked in there, and when we got back home I told my father that I lost the key. He got so angry you wouldn’t believe it, he started screaming and threw bottles and other stuff at us. He grabbed my brother (who was six years old) and punched him as hard as he could, and while I dragged him to the bed so he could lie down my father called my mother and told her that he’s going to end it and she can come pick up the corpses in an hour. I heard this and locked the door to our room, which made him even angrier. He was trying to break down the door with his bare hands, that didn’t work so he tried breaking the lock with a knife. Suddenly I hear some really loud noises followed by a bunch of voices yelling, the police broke the door to the apartment and stormed in. Father got arrested, my mother was so scared she looked like she was about to die and I had to talk to a police officer for an hour about what happened. My father was not allowed to contact us again after this but sometimes he would hang out in the street where our new apartment was or he would come to our school and pretend that he was there to pick us up. He died two years later when he started a fight with some homeless guys and they beat him up and threw him down some stairs, broke his skull and he died on the way to the hospital. I have never ever shed a single tear for that asshole.” — Throwawayaccount981 

9. A group of teenagers tried to run me over

“Walking to a nearby convenience store in the middle of the day when I was about 12. Some teenagers saw me and proceeded to actively try running me over with their car in the parking lot while laughing at me and calling me names. I didn’t know the teenagers or even recognize them from somewhere, they just randomly decided to try and run over some kid because they thought it would be funny. Someone in the store must have called the police because as they drove off they were pulled over by two cop cars down the road and everyone in the car was put in the back of the squad cars.” — envirex

10. My sister nearly choked me to death

“My mother was abusive, when she couldn’t hit me anymore because of her arthritis she would encourage my younger autistic sister to hit me, usually while our mom watched. As I got older it escalated. There was this time in high school where I had decided to really fight back, I didn’t care anymore about being punished for hitting back, but my sister was bigger than me so she kicked my ass. Then when she was done kicking me she got on top of me and started to choke me. I watched her squeeze her hamster to death a few years before so I thought she would kill me too, and she had already threatened it a bunch of times before. I woke up on the floor of the living room with my sister crying next to me. She told me she thought I was dead, and that she was sorry, she had never apologized to me before for anything, so I just kind of sat there confused for a minute. She couldn’t stop sobbing, so I ended up comforting her and telling her that it was going to be ok.” — Redheadeddanger

11. My mother-in-law attacked me with a knife

“I was almost murdered by mother in law. She’s literally the devil. She thought I was I trying to keep ‘her baby’ (no not her son, my husband. she was calling my oldest kid HER baby). She also thought I ‘trapped’ by husband by getting pregnant (umm we were together for nearly 8 years at that time and married for 4 when i got pregnant…). Anyways, she tried to set me up. One day I walked into my home with my oldest son while i was pregnant. I quickly run into the bathroom to grab a towel or something. In there I found my MIL covered in her own blood holding a knife. She starts to yell (I’m in shock) and then attacks me. she keeps saying how dare I try to kill her and take her away from her baby and how I was trying to deprive my son from her love. I was trying to protect myself and gtfo of the bathroom while trying to calm her down. At this point she stabs me in the chest when trying to stab my stomach. ‘You’re a slut and a whore. My baby doesn’t deserve you. how could he marry someone who tried to kill his mama’ at this point I’m REALLY in shock and realize she was trying to make it look like I attacked her and she was defending herself. I manage to run out and I yell at my son to go to X’s house (next door and a family freind) and get help which he does. I barricade myself in our office room (it had these heavy oak doors) and try to control my bleeding, Mil is outside banging on the door complaining how i’m jealous of her and the love and relationship she shares with her son and my son and how I’m trying to isolate them from her. Anyways, cops came, she was arrested and i ended up in the hospital and lost the baby.” — milmur

12. My boyfriend attempted to strangle me after sex

“My psychotic first boyfriend tried to strangle me once for no apparent reason. One second we were having sex and the next he started chasing me around the house with this crazy look in his eyes. He repetitively banged my head against the wall as he squeezed my neck. I was screaming bloody murder. His neighbor (big biker dude always outside working on bikes) overheard and came waltzing through the front door. He beat the shit out of my boyfriend and threatened if he ever pulled something like this he would blow his brains out. Luckily I got out of that shit soon after.” — hawaiiangremlin

13. My mother tried to poison me through my e-cigarettes

“Not as intense as the other stories here, but my mother put some sort of incense oil into my e-cig fluid. She had found out the day before that her parents were giving their property to me instead of her. I don’t know what the oil was, but whenever she would burn it my eyes would swell and lungs would be raw for hours, and she knew it.

Anyway – I had just refilled my tank that morning. I took a huge draw off the vape and immediately knew I was screwed because it tasted intensely of the oil. My lungs suddenly felt like they were trying to turn inside out while I started coughing uncontrollably and hacking up some sort of foam, it was so bad that every breath I took in felt like fire and kept me in a chain of violent coughing and dry heaving that kept making my abdomen spasm so hard it was like I was doing violent situps over the bathroom sink.. By the time it eased up I was collapsed onto the sink and barely conscious. I was drenched in sweat and my body hurt like I had pulled nearly every muscle in it. I laid down on the floor which was cold and that somehow felt better. I was there for what seemed to be a really long time, and I was so drained I couldn’t do anything else. I didn’t report it because… who the fuck is going to believe someone poisoned vape fluid? Even I had trouble comprehending the situation. I kept the bottle for a long time, and occasionally would get it out to look at the obviously separated fluid where the oil didn’t mix with the pg to remind myself that really happened.

A few weeks later I also got a visit from APS after she told them that I had strongarmed my grandparents into handing over the property to me and was stealing from them. Good times.” — Slappy_Nuts

14. My ex tried to run me over with her car

“Caught my ex gf cheating on me, so I dumped her and started to walk home, at which point she decided that the reasonable punishment for ‘invading her privacy’ was to get in her car and hit me with said car.

Pro tip: If getting hit by a car seems unavoidable, jump up. I hit the windshield and rolled instead of getting hit straight on. I walked the rest of the way home and told my parents I fell down the stairs. (I was 14 ish).” — Smeggywulff

15. My older brother stabbed me in the abdomen

“When I was a kid, my older brother and I were playing, and then he pulled out his Swiss Army knife, and stabbed me in the abdomen. He had this crazed look in his eyes, and told me he didn’t want a younger brother anymore, because (in his perception) our parents ‘love[d] me more.’ He was 13 at the time, and I was 10. I fought back and got him into a choke hold and held him there until he dropped his knife and begged me to let him go. Afterwards he brought out super glue and some rubbing alcohol. He poured it on where he stabbed me, and super glued it shut. Then apologized. He started going to therapy for extreme anger tendencies after that.” — ttshowbiz1

16. My stepfather tried to poison me with bleach

“When I was thirteen, my stepdad (who hated me) was prepping the blender for a smoothie. I asked if he would make enough so that I could have one as well. He was surprisingly happy to do so. When it was ready, he had this creepy smile on his face. I noticed he only made enough for me, but didn’t think too terribly much of it. As I poured from the blender to a cup, I saw my stepsister in the background motioning not to drink it. When my stepdad left the room, she said she saw him reach under the sink (into the chemical cabinet) and pour something in before he blended it. I opened the chemical cabinet, the nearest thing was a gallon of bleach. My stepsister confirmed this is what he poured into my drink.” — hawaiiangremlin

17. My father shot the entire family

“My mom wanted a divorce. My father flipped his shit and shot me and my brother in our sleep, and then committed suicide. My brother died later at the hospital.” — Nighthawk321

18. I was stabbed during a home invasion

“I was a victim of a home invasion. Got stabbed five times. Severed my carotid artery, had a stroke. All good now though!” — stuckeezy

19. My ex beat me until I miscarried

“I was engaged to an abusive man. I got pregnant. He did the usual threatening to kill me if I left him. One day he came home (he was a Navy corpsman) and beat me really badly, kicking my belly with his boots until I Had a miscarriage. I think his goal was to kill me as well. He kept me in the apartment and would not let me go to a doctor or hospital. Losing that baby is what gave me the courage to escape when I could.” — Birch2011

20. An Uber passenger kept grabbing the steering wheel from me

“Drunk uber passenger kept pressing my leg down on the accelerator and grabbing the steering wheel.” — icecreampopncereal

21. A random truck started shooting at us

“One night my two step brothers and were walking down a dimly lit road beside a railroad switchyard at about 10:00 at night. As we were walking, a white truck drove by. We didn’t notice that it turned around and drove toward us again. As it got closer, someone in the truck started shooting at us. Scared shitless, we took off running for the switchyard and the cover of the rail cars. We ran through the switchyard while someone in the truck screamed “squeal piggies” (we were all three pretty large). Eventually we reached the highway and a Hardee’s were a cop was taking his break. I’ve never been more frightened in my life. I could hear the bullets hitting the rail cars.” — castdownsalami 

22. Someone at work set off my allergies on purpose

“Work colleague purposely gave me aspirin when I’d asked for paracetamol, she knew I was allergic but just said it was a mistake.” — mrssac

23. She thought about beating me to death with a baseball bat

“I had been dating a woman for about a year and we thought we would try living together. She started having dreams of me talking to other women. I laughed and thought she was just having some crazy dreams. One night a few weeks later I wake up to what I recognize as thin aluminum falling onto wood and then the tile floor but I ignore it, just the cat. The next day my brother tells me that my girlfriend confessed to him that she had almost beat my brains in with a baseball bat that night, a thin aluminum baseball bat. Later I talked about splitting up and she would get suicidal. After a year of this constant fear and physical as well as mental abuse I managed to convince her to leave me (it was ok since it was her idea). It wasn’t simple, she married a few months later and came by to introduce him to MY family (He realized how weird it was). About 4 years later and I haven’t heard from her in over a year. Stay safe folks!” — Hipppydude

24. A group of kids wanted to set me on fire

“When I was in the 5th grade there was a plot to set me on fire.

Why exactly I don’t know.

I used to have to walk through a forest to get home every day from school and over time this gigantic pit was dug by some of my school mates.

A teacher overhead some kids talking about something odd, yanked one aside and he spilled the beans.

I guess the day it was supposed to happen the principle pulled both me and my brother aside and had our parents come get us while a janitor went out to investigate.

He caught a group of kids with a small can of gas and some of them playing with matches.

That was an interesting day.” — Cananbaum

25. A woman attempted to run me over with her car

“A woman stopped at an intersection waited until I started crossing, then turned right (no signal) and floored it, aiming at me. It had to run for it. Still have no idea why, I’ve always assumed she mistook me for someone else.” — suddenly_satire Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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