25 Disturbing Reddit Threads That Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach

These stories from Ask Reddit prove that reality is scarier than any fiction.
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1. They heard a keyboard typing from an empty room

“There was one story I read a while back. It was a girl and her mom and they lived alone in a house. The girl would hear the sound of a keyboard being typed on from the computer room, but only when she was out of the room. She didn’t think her mom heard it but one day the mom confirms that yes she hears it too. Anyway, so one late night the girl is on the computer and right next to her ear there’s a sound like someone breathing in very sharply. She nopes out of there ASAP.” — heythisis-myusername

2. They found an unconscious person in their photos

“That thread where someone uploaded photos of their hiking trip and there was an unconscious person laying in the background on one of the pictures.” — a_latvian_potato

3. They drove down a road littered with bodies

“Can’t find the source but I remember reading about a user who was driving in the hills and he/she took a diversion or something. I remember this because of what happened next, the image will always stick with me. Basically the driver ends up coming across a long road or something and it’s littered with bodies, out in the middle of nowhere, just people lying on the ground. The driver was concerned but drove past the bodies, slightly further up the road. When he/she looked in their rear view mirror, all the bodies were upright staring at the car, as well as other people coming out of the nearby forests. The person sped right off after that, but imagine what the hell was going on, and the intentions of those ‘bodies.'” — littlefilms

4. They murdered their girlfriend

“Not sure if this has been posted yet, but there’s a thread where this guy from Canada on the run in the US for killing his girlfriend posts about it.” — moonlight_ricotta

5. They posted pictures of missing children

“Not a reddit thread, but the 4chan post that was nothing but a series of photos starting with a pair of missing children photos. The pictures then continued with a slow descent down the person’s staircase and finally a picture of two terrified teenagers in a basement. They almost exactly matched the computerised ‘aging’ photos.

And then the only text was a ‘all the clues you need are hidden in these shots, come and find me’ in the final post.” — PapaSteel

6. They became obsessed with Quantum Immortality and went mad

“I recall seeing a series of threads and posts by a formerly completely normal user who suddenly became deeply obsessed with Quantum Immortality. Seemingly driven to the point of madness over his aversion to living forever, he became very vocal for a while about wanting to commit suicide in order to attempt to ‘escape’ Quantum Immortality and nobody could talk him out of it. Finally one day his posts simply end.” — Enzo03

7. They claimed their entire word wasn’t real

“There was the one post where the redditor claimed to have recovered from a car accident, got married and had kids, then got really depressed while being fixated on a lamp and realized his whole world wasn’t real. Then said redditor woke up from his coma after his accident. Who knows if it’s bullshit or not.” — watchstreet

8. They found notes hidden in their own handwriting

“I think the one where the person was talking about how they were finding random notes written in their own handwriting around their house that they didn’t write. Other oddities were described. Then a redditor suggested they check for carbon monoxide. That was the problem, they were being poisoned with carbon monoxide. Them posting, then the redditor responding, literally saved their life. Then the OP gifted the redditor with a reward.” — MissDemeaner

9. They found a dead body inside of an old house

“That post where to kids went spelunking in an old house and found a slightly mummified dead dude sitting in his chair.” — XIGRIMxREAPERIX

10. They saw shadow people

“That one thread about shadow people where a ton of redditors independently described the same phenomenon happening to them in vivid detail. Don’t know where to find it, but they all described a black humanoid figure outlined with what looked like static electricity.” — [deleted] 

11. They saw figures with huge, unmoving eyes

“There was one I’ve been trying to find a few months now. User describes driving as a child with their mother on a country backroad, seeing a car stopped on the side of the road with two people inside. When the people inside are studied closely, OP and his mother see that their eyes are massively huge – like dinner plates – and they are staring, unmoving, straight ahead. OP’s mom drives away crying hysterically in fear.” — Civomica

12. They received messages from their dead girlfriend

“I remember a thread about a guy who was receiving instant messages from his dead girlfriend’s Facebook account. They were weird messages kinda repeating things that they’d said to each other in the past online. I think in the end the comments agreed that the most likely explanation was that the guy was disassociating from himself and sending messages from his girlfriend’s profile to himself, but it was really creepy seeing the screenshots and reading about it all.

I don’t have the link but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find and if you can find it, it’s a pretty interesting read.” — rooshbaboosh

13. They found a GPS tracker attached to their car

“There was this thread about a redditor who found what he thought was a GPS tracker on his car, and was concerned that the government was tracking him. IIRC he was right, but nothing was done about it because the government didn’t want to prosecute themselves.” — everydaynormalguy48

14. They heard strange noises while housesitting

“I’ve read through a bunch of these posts and how has no one posted about the guy who was house sitting for like his parents and started hearing a bunch of noises? He then posts on Reddit asking for advice and continuously updates it. Eventually he takes videos of the sounds as he walks around his dark house and some things just aren’t right. Some redditors in the comments mess with the video and raise the gamma levels and you can clearly see people hiding in dark parts of rooms as this guy walks around recording these loud banging noises coming from around the house. I watched that video in class and was absolutely horrified the rest of the day. ” — jonesy2626

15. They strangled a woman to death

“It didn’t originate from Reddit but there was a post to /r/4chan full with photos and green text about a guy who strangled this woman to death. I went through the comments and found out the whole thing was real. That was extremely creepy and I wish I had just skipped that one.

He explained in detail how he did it and took detailed photos. I remember he was surprised how long it took.” — Rafaeliki 

16. They recorded a conversation they didn’t remember having

“There is one where a woman regularly recorded her sleep for improving her sleep patterns. One night her device recorded a conversation between her and someone in her room and she has absolutely no recollection. I think it was actually verified that she lived alone and her 8 year old son slept in the bed with her.” — leijae

17. They delivered pizza to a house that belonged in a horror movie

“There was this dude who was a Pizza Delivery driver in Northern Canada. This person ordered a pizza to be delivered in the like this house in middle of no where in the forest. He delivers the pizza to the house and it looked like a place in horror movie. It was all run down missing a front door. He walks in and there was no one there but money and a note.” — Lord_Ewok

18. They disappeared after hearing a strange noise from the ocean

“Someone was stationed on Antarctica in a research facility with a com-radio. That place had a live-camera that streamed the shoreline or something. OP talked about some load noise coming from the ocean and a boat that radio in something about the same noise and some big sea-creature. The camera and stream was offline shortly after his last post and the webpage looked legit. ” — craig_machine

19. They found a hole beneath a bridge

“There was a post on the urban exploration sub where a guy found a hole in a bridge which someone had lived in. There was all sorts of weird stuff in there a chair, photos of models with their eyes crossed out blood etc. Can’t remember all the details.” — GodRibs

20. They lived two separate lives

“One about a guy who was living 2 lives.. .one when he was ‘asleep’ and another when he was ‘awake’… but both ‘lives’ were very similar to each other… In one his wife had died of cancer and he’s ended up with her best friend… In the other he had children with his wife… but both consistently continued the respective ‘timelines’…

The way he wrote about it was heartbreaking… in the reality where his wife was alive he couldn’t help thinking about her best friend and in the other he couldn’t stop thinking about his wife and child…

It was actually heart-breaking…” — dekker87

21. They heard a sinister type of whistling

“The guy who heard some sinister type of whistling when he was out with his mother at a young age, who then had the same whistling man return many years later, out in a boat.” — ClearTheCache

22. They recorded a stranger’s voice while they slept

“A woman recorded herself with a sleep app, hears someone talking in her house.” — vulverine

23. They posted pictures of a little girl in a concentration camp

“It was a thread about the most disturbing/creepiest pictures and some posted this photo called Tereska Draws Home, it’s a little girl who survived a concentration camp and she drew ‘home.’

While that picture is a bit disturbing on its own, another Redditor then mirrored her face and came up with 2 separate facial expressions of the girl, one ‘sad’ and the other ‘happy,’ each made up of a separate halve of her face. A lot of Redditors commented how fucking creepy and even more disturbing that the mirrored faces were and I thought they were being pansies… how bad could it be right?

Well they were right, it was creepy as shit. I showed my brother and he also thought it was creepy as shit. Im not going go try and find it but I hope someone can because that is truly one of the creepiest, unnerving things I’ve seen on Reddit.” — arturo_lemus

24. They slowly became addicted to heroin

“Probably that one series of threads where that guy wanted to try heroin once, and each post he makes his condition gets worse and worse as he becomes more and more addicted.” — Sirknobbles

25. They survived a shooting

“The verified story of a woman who survived the Aurora movie theatre shooting. It is incredibly well written.” — hollyyykryan Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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