A Typical High School Crush

Seth Doyle

When you first see him, it feels unlike anything you’ve ever felt.

Your heart skips a beat, you can’t get your eyes off him. You try to stay calm but you can’t help yourself. As he walks down the hallway you try not to stare at him.

You want to know him. You want to know his name. You want to know everything about him. Eventually, your friends start to notice that you like him. You have the fear that he might know you like them.

One night your friend and you go to a party, and there he is standing on the porch. He looks so carefree and so laid back. As you make your way into the house he talks to your friend and you. He introduces himself, you get butterflies in your stomach.

You still cannot believe he talked to you and he knows your name. You get a million butterflies in your stomach. It feels amazing, you feel there is hope for you and him. As the party continues he talks to you even more and his friends talk to you as well. It all feels like a dream.

When you get home that very night you lay in bed thinking about what had happened. You lay in your bed staring at the ceiling and smiling for hours. You repeat his name a couple of times and you think about how he said your name.

The weekend passes and you can not wait to see his face. You daydream about all the places you guys will go, the thing he will get you and the way he will treat you. Everything seems so perfect. You think everything is going to be perfect.

You see him standing at his locker and you want him to say hi to you. As he walks by you, he smiles at you. You try to tell yourself is better than him not noticing you at all. You feel so happy that he smiled at you, you tell your friends. You and your friends start making all these plans and make you believe he likes you as well.

One day you see him in the hallway talking to another girl. They’re both laughing, smiling and he is touching her shoulder. You try not to make a deal out of it. You tell your friends and they automatically tell you that he friends with that girl. You believe your friends because they tell you what you want to hear.

Days past by and he does not even notice you in the hallway. You feel empty, lost and confused as to why he has not talked to you. As you are walking home one day, you see him kissing that same girl he was talking to in the hallway the other day.

You are heartbroken, shattered and feel like a fool. You thought he might like you. But he does not. You call your friends up and you tell them what had happened. They try to make you feel better and tell you not to worry about him or why you should not like him.

When you’re in high school, you are young and naively tend to believe everything, especially a person you have a crush on. When you first meet that person, you feel like you are on cloud nine but when that person breaks your heart you feel like you have lost yourself.

You feel confused when they break your heart because you thought you had a chance with that person. Your friends give you hope and make you believe that person likes you as well. When your crush does not like you, your friends tell you not to like that person and get over it.They expect you to get over it in hours or days. When it takes you longer, your friends think you’re pathetic. You will watch sad movies, start a journal, and you will go to various parties. Just so you can get over you’re that crush who did not like you.

What I have learned from high school crushes is, that they’re not always going to like you. They may not all know your name or who you are or how you ever felt about them. Most of all just because your high school crush does not like you, does not mean nobody will ever like you. You will find someone who deserves you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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