To The Girl Who Made Me Realize Love Has No Gender

Brooke Cagle

Just recently, a month ago to be exact, I’ve met the girl who finally put an end to my year-long identity crisis. It’s official, I am in love with a fellow girl.

The thing is, when the realization hit and my feeling came bursting like a dam so full of raging water that couldn’t wait to escape, it wasn’t exactly grand or magical or anything. Not a single butterfly felt in my stomach nor was there a racing heartbeat. What happened was this; I felt an overwhelming kind of human connection. It’s something I’ve never experienced before with anyone else, let alone my previous relationships with guys. To me, it was an instant linkage and recognition, like: “hey, I think we’ve spent each other’s lifetime before, how about let’s have it all over again this time?” and she just excitingly said yes. She is the plug to my socket. This may be an unconventional metaphor to use, but I want to emphasize how she emanated the spark that caused the electricity burst to life that ignited the power to my dimly-lit soul. I mean, after knowing her, she just simply made my whole life brighter. 

I’m not sure where all of this came from. All I know is I’ve been praying so fervently for someone who I can share a life of pure bliss with, out from the simple things that there are in the usual passing of days. From finding joy in every morning that we wake up next to each other, to kissing our forehead’s good night and making silly sad faces as we part ways for day’s work, in-between. Maybe the person in charge of my fate needed to cross off my name on his list of “The Few People Who’ll Meet the Love of their Life in their 19’s,” and the person in charge with hers pitied her for being single in the age of 23, so he scratched out her name too from a different list called “Singles in their 20s in Need of Real Love.” As much as I don’t think I deserve it, but maybe I am just lucky enough for this kind of miracle.

So to the girl I am so madly in love with, I know there’s a long and bumpy path ahead. But hey, it’s not like we don’t hit the road and go for spontaneous road trips at least three times a week to overlook the reality of this whole process. It’s going to be tough babe, like other normal relationships where ours certainly belongs, but nobody is tougher than two women in love.

I want you to know that my normal days are gone. I’m so glad they are because now it’s replaced by a daily adventure of being with you. And while there’s a lot to be thankful for in life – wonderful family, thoughtful friends, loyal dogs, good music, serene landscapes, to name a few – I wouldn’t ever know how to express my gratitude to you, who I never thought would come into my life and make me realize, in one swift moment, of who I really am and why love is love.

I will certainly wish another lifetime with you next. And another, and another.

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