I Want You In An All Or Nothing Kind Of Way

I Want You In An All Or Nothing Kind Of Way

I want you.
In an all or nothing kind of way.
The kind of way that when I say it out loud,
All of the emphasis falls
Directly on the you with absolute certainty.

In the quiet, calm, thoughtful way that you like me.
Not the loud, obnoxious way
I spew out the first thought that pops into my head,
And gets me into trouble.
But I know deep down you like that too.

I want you.
In a horny, teddy bear kind of way.
The kind of way where I couldn’t choose
Between leading you into my bedroom and tearing off your clothes,
Or wrapping you in a warm blanket and letting you use me as a pillow.

In the sweet, soft, gentle way I brushed
Your hair behind your ears,
And the slow, teasing, longing way I ran my fingertips
Down your neck to your collar bone
That made your chest rise and fall enough for me to notice.

I want you.
In a I want to make you laugh and make you come kind of way.
The kind of way that being with you
Feels like coming home,
But also like taking a steep, sudden drop on a roller coaster.

In a wipe your tears and clean your puke,
Hold you in my arms and squeeze you,
Keep you up all night long because it’s exactly what you need kind of way.
Not too big, too little, too hot, or too cold,
The just right kind of way.

I want you.
Not in the let’s order a bottle of wine,
But the I could drink a case of you kind of way.
The I could never settle for less than the utter intoxication of you way,
Which is why I miss you in a such a stone-cold sober kind of way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark