I Waited For Him To Marry Me — Now I’m Full Of Regrets

Matheus Ferrero

Life was simple three years ago.

Being a backward villager, I had done well for myself; I was a good student, had finished my higher education and had landed a well-paying job. What was lacking then?

Up to the age of 28, I had responsibilities; I had to educate my little sisters and improve the lifestyle of my parents. But then came the one, the one who seemed more important than my career, my family and my life.

He was 3 years younger so I was scared to get my hopes high for any kind of future together but life was colorful. When we went for a movie or a bike ride, it felt like I was flying above the sky and that my life was perfect because of this man.

I liked everything about him; I was madly in love. He always told me that we would get married after his sister’s marriage. Whenever I asked him what his parents will say about us, he avoided the question by saying his parents will do whatever he asked them to. I never believed him when he said so because he would always follow what his father said.

For instance, once we were sitting at a restaurant waiting for lunch to arrive when he got a call from his dad who wanted to have lunch with him. He forgot about everything and just left me in that restaurant alone.

He never introduced me to his father. He kept me and my father waiting for two years and never spoke about us with his parents. My father tried to fix my marriage but he made sure it didn’t work out. Now he has promised that we will get married by November 2017, but that’s a long wait since I am already 31.

Coming from a conservative place, it’s very hard for my parents to face society now. Even now he is unable to convince his family because of my age. I got frustrated with all this drama one day and ended the relationship.

I know he is a good lover but he is not mature enough to decide between what’s right and what’s wrong. Now I am heartbroken and I regret all the years I invested in this relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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