26 Little Life Lessons I’m Ridiculously Thankful To Have Learned By 26


1. No one likes small talk but awkward silences are worse.

2. Quality of friends is more important than quantity.

3. You’re constantly changing and it’s never too late to start something new.

4. Dogs know how to love better than humans do.

5. Men don’t mature until they’re about 50, if ever.

6. Too much news will make you believe the world is a horrible place.

7. …which leads me to ignorance is bliss.

8. Religion is outdated and divisive. Spirituality is more useful.

9. Strong Minnesotan accents sound unintelligent to the rest of the US.

10. Guys will do and say anything to get into a woman’s pants.

11. Indian food is never a good idea.

12. People who put down others are insecure.

13. Not everyone cares what they look like.

14. Happiness comes from within. If you can’t confront your inner demons, no amount of money, love, fame will help.

15. Women are just as funny as men, many just don’t feel comfortable showing it.

16. Physical appearance is not the only thing that makes someone attractive.

17. The bigger the city, the more accepting of others from different backgrounds.

18. Private schools don’t always have better education than public schools.

19. Traveling the world makes you wiser.

20. Intelligence can be sexy.

21. …same with humor. Stephen Colbert and Jerry Seinfeld aren’t physically attractive but damn, those jokes.

22. The older you get, the less you care what others think about you.

23. Americans work too hard.

24. Dating sucks if you have high standards. But being with someone you’re not obsessed with is worse than being single.

25. Having a good personality can get you farther than you think in the workforce.

26. Sometimes it’s better to react with no reaction. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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