Maybe We’re Friends But Deep Down You Know We’re More

Pixels / Donald Tong
Pixels / Donald Tong

I know. I just know.
Sooner or later, this day will come.
The day when I know for a fact, that I just couldn’t look you in the eyes anymore to convince myself everything hasn’t changed.
Because it has. You changed.
Life changed. She came.

I don’t know what we are. What this is.
We’re friends. Too good to be true. But it is true.
I don’t know what we are. What this is.
They said no friends could be as good as we are. But we are that good.
I don’t know what we are. What this is.
I just know that we’re gonna lose each other when they come. You’re gonna lose me when he comes. I’m gonna lose you when she comes.
Then he came.

He came into my life at the time I never expected. I never expected because I had you.
But he did.
Then you became so alarmed.
You told me I shouldn’t be with him.
You told me he wasn’t good for me. That I should reconsider.
You kept asking if I liked him back.
You kept checking if he and I would became a thing.
I thought it would, but it didn’t.
Until he’s finally gone, and she came.
She came.

She came into your life at the time I never expected.
I never expected, not because I had you. Not because you had me.
It’s because I think I fell for you. I fell for you a long time ago.
I just never realized it. You just never realized it.
I don’t know if you ever fell for me.
I just know that you never left me. You we’re always there.
And that’s the reason I never expected any of this.
Until she came. And it hit me.

It hit me that we’ve become too comfortable with each other.
We took this feeling too easy.
Until he came. And she came. Until they came between us.
The thing is, he didn’t stay. But she stayed.
He didn’t make sure I stayed. But you keep her to stay.
The day we met her, I knew.
I could see it in your eyes.

You know too much. I know too much.
We just know each other too much.

I knew. I just knew. I knew all along.
Sooner or later, this day would come.
The day we let each other slip away.

Maybe we’re friends. But deep down we know we’re more.
We’re much more than that.
We just never consider it.
Until they came.
And she stays.

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