Why We Should Stop Talking About ‘Quarter Life Crisis’

 Madison Bersuch
Madison Bersuch

It’s 2017 yet most 90s girls are still talking about how being 25 is synonymous to a deadline. I have never seen the explosive use of quarter life crisis until 2014 and these days it’s still thrown around in distaste.

25 is not old!

How is 25 old? You must’ve talked to the wrong person. It’s the prime of your youth, you know that Britney song “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”? It’s the perfect music to accompany you in this transition. Old doesn’t have an age bracket, it’s just a classic definition from a dictionary. You can be 16 and feel old, honey, or 78 yet grooving like 18! Age should not be a state of mind, act how you feel and screw whoever tells you that is not appropriate for your age. It’s all in your head, be careful of what you put in there, it can cripple you.

Time is your friend.

Why does cheese taste better with age? The acquired taste adds sophistication to any dish and you’ll more likely get satisfied with a small portion because of the strong flavor. My point? Like an aged cheese, time along with experiences will help us mature into a better person. You shouldn’t be afraid that you’re running out of time, rather you should enjoy every step of the journey and stop obsessing over getting into the finish line.

New chapter!

Like a page of a book, embrace this as a new adventure. It can be scary but hey, YOLO! There’s no time to be scared, that is a waste of precious time. Why don’t you waste your time taking risks and learning from it? Sounds better, right? Now get out there and actually do it.

It is NOT a crisis.

Really. It is NOT. We tend to exaggerate things and blow it out of proportion. You don’t have to keep up with the trend! Yes, your friends are getting engaged, that boy who broke your heart is now married or your schoolmate’s little girl just turned 3, so what? That is their story and you are not supposed to follow that. Write your own, don’t rush it. Keep on proofreading before you publish it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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