This Is What It’s Like To Be Happy And Sad At The Same Time, All The Time

Bittersweet is drinking into a delightful tipsiness, but feeling guilty that you are doing so.

Bittersweet is letting close friends get away, but realizing that you made new ones that impact your life positively.

Bittersweet is losing your job, but making a giant step towards making your dreams come true.

Bittersweet is having steady income, but not knowing why you’re at a particular job.

Bittersweet is the crappy boss you had, but the way they taught you how not to lead.

Bittersweet is the near breakup that you almost had, but the honest dialogue it opened months thereafter.

Bittersweet is the amazing unprotected sex you had, as a result of “living in the moment,” and the plan B that you took the next day.

Bittersweet is that dope post you put on Insta, but the lack of likes it got. Then you realize how apathetic you are (or should be) towards racking up Insta likes.

Bittersweet is being a millennial when everyone complains about us, but hoping that you can be the divine millennial that changes the perception of the generations past.

Bittersweet is being mature enough to know that you want to experiment with your sexuality, but not being able act on it.

Bittersweet is that detox tea that you’re downing to counterbalance the weed you promised yourself you wouldn’t smoke the night before. You had a great high and an even better night sleep though.

Bittersweet is the negative results of a corrupt election, but the attention that the political system is getting because of it.

Bittersweet is realizing that everyone is getting older and you can’t stop that, so you celebrate that everyone is getting older.

Bittersweet is re-reading your resolutions and goals from the year prior, and realizing that not everything panned out as you wanted, but some things did.

Bittersweet is the amount of times you screwed up, and the amount of lessons you learned in the process.

Bittersweet was 2016. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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