The Sun Rising Doesn’t Mean It’s Going To Be A Good Day (Or A Good Four Years)



“The sun will still rise in the morning.” A quote many people have used to describe the outcome of this election, but just because the sun rises doesn’t mean it will be a good day.

The sun rose every day of the Civil War, it rose every day of the Great Depression, it even rose every day of the Holocaust, but many people who lived through those experience would say it didn’t matter the sun was rising – their world was still ending.

People are mad about this election, but that happens every four years. What’s different this time is that people are scared. People aren’t scared of the day after Donald Trump becomes President, they aren’t scared about the week after either – they’re scared of what he will do with his entire four years of power the American citizens have granted him.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, just like a wall along the Mexican border won’t be built in a day. The path to legalize gay marriage wasn’t walked in a day, and likewise it won’t be lost in a day. The change people are fearing isn’t change that will happen overnight, it’s change that could happen over four years.

It took Adolf Hitler twenty months to go from chancellor to dictator, and years for the Nazi regime to build enough power to create one of the most devastating time periods in history. People are scared the wrong man has been given the power, and that his power has been built on a campaign that made people fear someone who had a different skin color than them, or hate someone who had a different belief.

They’re scared that the side of humanity we thought was gone, has just been living underground, waiting for somebody to open the right doors. The doors that give people the right to openly hate and act upon that hate, or the door that allows people the right to take advantage of women without fear of consequences. People are now scared they will lose their homes, lose their loved ones, and lose their lives. People are scared for their children, and are clueless on how to explain how so much hatred has gained so much power.

Basically half of America showed they value a dollar sign more than a human life. A potential dollar sign that has no achievable plan to be reached. We are all humans, and we all share this Earth, but people have put more value in gaining wealth than protecting and respecting their fellow humans. People have shown they don’t care if you degrade women, make racist comments, or mock your fellow man – as long as you can promise them an additional dollar in their pocket, they will stand by your side.

So yes, the sun still rose today, but that was never a concern. So don’t be fooled by our disappointment, or our reactions in the days and months and years after this election. We are not scared whether the sun will continue to burn and greet us each morning. We are not scared of today, we are scared for the many tomorrows that bring questions this country never thought it would have to answer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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