To The Boy Afraid Of Emotional Intimacy, I Will Love The Fuck Out Of Your Insecurities

I will unbutton all your fears and sorrows, and take them off your mind. I will unzip all the insecurities, and pull them out of you, with a fierce gentleness.

I will listen to all the thoughts you keep inside your mind, regrets tied around your throat, letting them choke you, drown you. I will make you let your guard down, and let me see your soul and mind, in their naked perfection.

I will trace my fingers on your chest, and ask you which part of your heart hurts the most, and what secrets you’re hiding in your ribcage. I will kiss the palm of your hand until it speaks to me about all the reasons why it has hardened.

I will tangle my legs with yours, so that you don’t do what you have learned to do every time someone shows you that they care – run away.

I will kiss your lips hard and long until I find out about all the things that keep you from smiling and until you learn how delicious the taste of someone’s laughter in your mouth is, so you’d laugh and smile for me, more often.

And when your back will arch as I kiss you, I will show you how you have been wrong all along about being rigid and emotionally dead. I will whisper sweet nothings in your ears until you forget the voices that keep you up at night.

As I do all this, I will make sure your eyes can see the love I carry for you within me. And that your nose inhales it in, and that the scent consumes you.

And this is how I will claim your body, mind and soul. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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