7 Heart-Aching Phases Of A Breakup Every Girl Knows All Too Well

Giulia Bertelli
Giulia Bertelli

1. Shock

Your ears must not be working correctly. He’s breaking up with you? Just like that? Sure, you had your fights, but he’d really rather break up with you than work it out? Or maybe you didn’t even fight, and he just decided to call it quits. Why would he do this?

2. Confusion

How could he suddenly change his mind about you? Did he not realize how special your relationship was? Was it really all just one-sided? So many questions run through your mind, and for the first time, you won’t receive any answers.

3. Denial

There’s no way this is permanent. He’s probably going through a hard time and simply needs his space. Maybe it’s his job or his family. You tell yourself to stop panicking, stop freaking out; he’ll be back in a week or so. He won’t just forget about you; this is just a temporary break.

4. Despair

You can’t even keep track of how long it’s been; time seems to be limitless. You followed your friends’ advice and refrained from contacting him, but at this point you really expected him to reach out to you. You’re faced with the agonizing comprehension that he’s not coming back and your relationship is very much over.

5. Anger

Now that you’ve relinquished the hope that he’ll return, you develop resent towards this man who used to proclaim his love to you. How could he just walk out of your life so effortlessly and not even miss you? Did you really mean so little to him? Was it all a lie? You realize if you were to see him in person now you wouldn’t cry but more likely explode.

6. Acceptance

Maybe it was time that helped lead you here. Or maybe you finally realized that hate and sadness are baggages and were taking a toll on your mental health. You wouldn’t say you’re over your ex, but you finally started to put yourself first and spend significantly less time reminiscing back to the highlights of the relationship.

7. Clarity

You may not get here for months. It may even take a year. Sometimes you’ll remember something that makes you think of your ex, but it’s a passing thought that doesn’t linger in your mind for more than a second. You’re slowly mastering the art of dating and no longer compare every new man to your ex. You’ve realized that the love you two shared may have been nice, but there’s stronger, greater, happier love out there waiting for you. And you’re ready to find it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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