This Is Why I’m Not Afraid To Leave

Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson

I’ll pack all my things in boxes
Fold up 5 years of my life in cardboard,
every memory, every piece of me in this house, stored away.
Slowly, until the memory of us is washed completely away.
I’ll walk my hallway for the last time and I’ll stand in
the doorway for too long.
I’ll scrub away the hashes on the wall that my dad made in pen because he wanted everyone to know I was getting taller.
I’ll turn my home into a skeleton of the place I used to love leaving never gets any easier.
But better things lie ahead, new homes, new memories, new adventures.
Better sunsets. Brighter stars.
If you never leave, you’ll never see what lies just beyond the bend things you can’t see from your bedroom window. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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