For Every Religious Hypocrite That Wants To Tell Me Who I Can Love

Tony Webster
Tony Webster

I think it’s absurd how people of faith
Think it’s okay to belittle and hate
You tell me the way I live is wrong
Because people that date the same sex “don’t belong”

Well here is the truth, I was raised just like you.
A sin is a sin, no one is any worse, isn’t that true?
Don’t lie, cheat, or steal they said.
Yet priest sneak into little boy’s beds.

Having two brides on a cake is worse than lying to someone’s face.
We all sin in different ways but somehow abortion is better than being gay.
Don’t preach at me that what I do is bad.
When you can go watch porn, and think it’s better, that’s sad.

1 Corinthians says homosexuals will be kept from the kingdom of God
But it also says that no sin is greater than another, oh how odd.
Religion shames people who will judge another.
But society looks down on child with two mothers.

I see you out there trying to act better than me.
But your church preaches Jesus loves us all equally.
God loves me and you.
Yet some dude is beaten up for dating another dude.

I will never understand how your sin is better than mine.
Discriminating us like we’re some other kind.
But that’s okay, go ahead, belittle and hate.
I’ll be over here, taking your girl on a date.

See I don’t judge you for being straight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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