A Letter To Mrs. Hillary Clinton, From A Concerned But Hopeful American

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Dear Mrs. Clinton,

There are a lot of people in our country who do not like you, your policies, or your corrupt behavior. I am one of them. Unfortunately, I think you are going to be our next President. When I think about you sitting in the White House, it terrifies me. But here is the thing Mrs. Clinton, I WANT to like you. I want to be hopeful. I want to be proud and supportive of electing the first woman in to office. I do not want to hate you. There is already enough hate in our country right now. You have made terrible and selfish decisions but I believe there is good somewhere in you.

The media bias is in your favor and you know it. You are smart enough to play it up but let me ask you something Mrs. Clinton, why are you so afraid of Donald Trump? You know polls show you points above him. You know the majority of Americans dislike him. Why do still feel the need to waste your time to continue to go after him? The media and many Americans are doing enough of that. You are playing off of the fears and hate of Americans. You are helping encourage the hate to continue. My point Mrs. Clinton, being that I challenge you to stop all of that. I challenge you to stop hiding behind all of this and try and convince me and thousands of others to WANT to vote for you. You have the votes of minorities from coast to coast. You have a majority of the Democratic voters. You are focusing all of your attention on these Americans when you already have their vote. I am a young, white, middle class, Republican woman. What about me? Does my vote not matter to you? Donald Trump has made strides through insults.

Show me that you can be a STRONG and SMART woman by being above that. Show me that you do not have to throw other people under the bus but that you deserve to be our President. Show me that can turn the past eight years of this decline of our county in a new direction. Convince me that you are good enough to be the first woman President. Once you are in the White House, what are you going to do when Trump’s not their to take the media’s attention away from you?

I do not want to feel like I am just voting for the lesser of two evils, which as of right now I believe is Donald Trump.

I challenge you, woman to woman, to not forget about my vote. Convince me.


A concerned, yet hopeful American Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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