When You Tell Me You’re Not Ready To Settle Down, I See It As A Challenge

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

I want you to know that when you tell me you aren’t ready to settle down, I take it as a challenge.

Because I see how you look at me.

I see how sometimes you just have to touch me.

I see how we always seem to have deep conversations when we stand on your porch smoking cigarettes.

I see how you poke and tease, just trying to get a rise out of me. You know what to do, you do it, and laugh at my reaction.

I know you like how I cook.

I know you like how I think.

I know you like when we drink tequila and all the wild things we do with our bodies.

I know I like to look at you.

I like to touch you.

I like to have deep conversations with you on your porch and smoke cigarettes.

I like when you poke and tease me. I like that my natural reaction makes you laugh.

I like when you watch me cook. How sometimes you help. How you come up behind me and kiss my neck, causing major distraction. I like how you do the dishes afterward, and wonder if there has ever been anyone that can make washing dishes look so sexy.

I like how you think. Your knowledge of literature, history and pop culture are unparalleled. I like how you recite Shakespeare to me as you walk up to me slowly, looking me in the eyes. It’s like you know exactly how to make my heart race.

And oh god, the tequila and the things it makes us do to each other. I like bite marks and bruises. I like running my nails over your shoulders and down your spine. I like the sounds you make. I might just be addicted.

I don’t think I’m ready to settle down either. But darling, we aren’t getting any younger.

And I’m not falling for you any less.

Everything takes time and I’m in no hurry.

We could be something magical.

Honestly, we already are.

We don’t have to settle down. But maybe it’s something we can work toward. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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