I Let A Stranger Cum On My Face Before Even Learning His Name


“I think we’re looking for the same thing,” I messaged “Discreet” through Grindr — the gay man’s hook-up app du jour — at an Orlando conference I was attending for work. You have to treat work trips like a vacation was the mantra of my coworker, so I figured a little fun with a hot guy would fit the bill.

“How’s it going,” he messages me back a few hours later. I was laying down in my room, taking a break from the day-long meetings.

“Just chilling, seeing what’s good,” I responded. Ever so the non-committed, I didn’t feel like telling him I was watching a little porn on my cell phone.

“Nice, I’m just at the gym,” Discreet gets back to me.

“Hot. We should work up a sweat later tonight.” I love a little euphemism.

“You should text me when you’re drunk and horny,” Discreet gets right to the point.

“I’m not drunk, but horny now. What’re you into.” I respond.

“Jo/Oral. The usual.” He says, “This is my right now pic. Send me one of you,” and then I receive a pic of him at the gym, sitting down on the bench press in front of the mirror.

“Totally,” and snap a photo of myself laying in bed. I turn on the light for better angles. “Want to do something now? I have dinner at 6, but am free.”

“It won’t take me 0:45 to cum, what’s your room number?”

“4602, West tower.” I get back to him, starting to get a little hard.

“Be there in 3,” he messaged. Great. I quickly jump up, put on some pants (to take off in a few minutes), splash my face with water and do a quick brush of the teeth. My last minute preps.

Soft knocks on the door. He walks in quickly as I open the door and comes into my room.

Standing there, 6’3”, muscular and built — I knew he would be good looking from his stats and photos but in person he’s the ex-military, masc4masc that checks all my hook-up boxes.

“What brings you to Atlanta?” I ask, starting to break the ice. He’s clearly a little nervous but we both know exactly what we’re getting into.

“THAT,” he says, pointing to my conference ID tag and swag back. “But I’ll pretend to ignore you tomorrow.”

I highly doubt that I think to myself. I must be the youngest person at this conference, but oh well, this is a no strings attached sort-of-thing.

We start to make out, I’m grabbing onto his muscles, holding his biceps in my hands, barely gripping half of his arms. He slides his hand into my underwear and begins to finger me as he slides my shorts down. That’s my cue to drop to my knees and take his basketball shorts off.

His dick flops out of his pants, already pretty hard. I immediately scooped it into my mouth and begin to suck. He’s got a fairly good sized dick, maybe almost 7” so I know I can take it pretty well. I happen to like giving head and he starts to lay back, just relaxing as I take him all in.

He pulls me up, wanting to make out a little more, probably so he doesn’t cum too soon.

Drawing out the time together, I lay on top of him, kissing his lips, tounging his ear, making my way to his armpits to hint I’m a little kinker than he may have expected. After all, I’m your average 5’11 white guy. In LA, you probably wouldn’t recognize me out of a crowd of J Crew shoppers.

“What do you want me to do?” He asks, point blank. I was too focused on how amazing his body was and the joy of just being with him. I rarely find myself “in the moment,” so this was quickly becoming a good time. I started to stutter, thrown off by the question.

Finally, I landed with, “I want you to face fuck me in front of the bathroom mirror.” I have to hand it to the Marriott, they really do know how to place those mirrors. High-quality too, I love a clear, well-constructed mirror.

Hot,” he said, “Let’s do it.” and pulled me off the bed and around the corner. I got on my knees and started going at it, but it wasn’t long before he put both hands on my head and started to fuck my face, his dick hitting the back of my throat as my nose got right up into his pubes. “I want you to cum like this,” he said as I began to go at it, jerking off. We came, and he almost immediately threw a washcloth at me to wipe up while he did the same.

Getting up off the floor, I call out, “So, what is your name?”

He begins to laugh, “We probably should have started with that,” but remains ever-so silent.

“Well, if it makes you feel better, I am giving a presentation tomorrow. My name is Michael,” I say, walking towards the bedroom.

“Oh, in one of the break out rooms?” He says, avoiding my questions.

“No, I am giving a keynote before the CEO of the event.”

“Ah, well good luck tomorrow…. My name is Mark,” he says, finally giving in.

“And what do you do Mark?” I ask, now pressing. The dude just came on my face, I see no issue keeping the conversation going, but perhaps my manners are misconstrued.

“I represent HSBC, we own half of Energy X. So, I’m here for the CEO, too.” he says, pointedly.

“That’s great Mark, so can I get your number? This was fun, always great to know people should you want to hang out in LA,” I ask.

“Oh.. um, I actually don’t know my own cell phone number. Kind of odd, I know, but it’s on my business card so that is how I give it out.” He responds, coyly. Mark is pretty much dressed at this point, tying up his shoes.

“Gotcha, well have a good night. I probably won’t see you around tomorrow.” I say, holding up the peace sign with my two fingers, slowly putting on my pants as he exits my hotel room.

I did end up seeing him a few times the next day, it was a relatively intimate conference after all. Each time, he seemed to run away from the room I was in. In the early morning, he walked in late to a series of speakers. I was sitting in the back row and noticed his bouldering body a few rows in front of me. I tried hard not to make eye contact with him when he turned around, but wearing a tobacco colored jacket, I was pretty hard to miss.

Later in the day, my coworker and I did just so happen to have an impromptu vendor meeting at a high table in the lounge area right next to the high table he was at. I paid him no attention, not even a smile, but made sure to speak loudly about the innovative work we were going to be doing and how I was apart of the project. Even though he left the rooms we happened to share within 10 to 15 minutes of us being there, I managed to make some slight eye contact during my presentation.

In front of a few hundred industry executives and professors, it was nice to see a comforting face in the crowd, someone I could speak indirectly to and who I knew was imagining me naked on stage. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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