10 Crucial Things He Wants You To Know Before You Give Him Head


1. It’s not a race

Some guys can come as soon as a mouth gets within like 1 second of their cock and, I mean, I guess that makes your task that much easier! No matter what, though, sucking him off is not a race. It should be something you enjoy doing and that he enjoys having you do. Don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it because, first of all, fuck that, and secondly it’s going to be a terrible blowjob if neither of you wants to be there. A good blowjob is never quick. You have to savour the penis, like an excellent boy steak lol.

2. Using your hands is cheating

There are people out there who think that you can get away with giving head if you just put your mouth on the tip from time to time and jerk him off for the rest. But that’s not a blowjob. A blowjob is mostly mouth work and you use your hands as an additional flourish to give that extra sensation when he’s least expecting it. Rather than using your hands throughout, try bringing them in only occasionally as a grace note to your performance. Using your hands the whole time is cheating.

3. Teeth


4. Caress him

It’s easy to think that head jobs are all about the penis, but actually there’s other stuff around there, too! Feel up on his stomach, around his legs, thighs, feet, nipples. Put your hands up on his neck. This will certainly amplify all the work you’re doing and it will make him feel good, and it will make you feel powerful knowing that you can make him feel this way.

5. Touch yourself

Don’t forget to touch yourself, too. There are plenty of guys out there who want to feel worshipped, who want you to worship their fucking cocks to the exclusion of your own pleasure. Fuck that — but actually. Touch yourself! Plus, he will like knowing that you sucking him off makes you want to touch yourself. THAT is a turn on.

6. Be really, really fucking excited to get his D in your mouth

Sex is always about enthusiasm. Do you want to be in that bed/backseat/bathroom stall with him? If you don’t, the sex WILL be bad because all you can think about is the end. A good blowjob is an enthusiastic blowjob. That doesn’t mean you need to be moaning and ooh-ing and aaaaaaah-ing at every slurp, or slurping at all because this is real life not porn and humans do not come with sound effects. But being excited does show him that you really like sucking him off and doing so is just as good for you as it is for him.

7. Simply Bobbing up and down for 10 minutes is so boring

I mean he’ll come, yeah, because physics, but it won’t be an earth shattering load. Be inventive, ladies and gay dudes!

8. Do things with your tongue

Speaking of being inventive, try doing different things with your tongue! You don’t have to be “sucking” the entire time. Even just licking like a lollipop can feel good and hands down for every second his dick is not in your mouth and you’re doing other things, teasing him in other ways, I guarantee you he’s dying for you to put that D back in your mouth and he doesn’t know when you’re going to and aaaaaaaaah the anticipation!!!!!

9. Not all guys like their balls played with

Just a gentle FYI before you go pulling and crunching.

10. See what he responds to, then keep doing exactly that

The best blowjob tip you can ever receive is to do some stuff, see what he responds the most to and keep doing that. Every guy likes something different, and if you can figure out what he likes without him saying anything, you’ll have him, well, by the balls. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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