What To Remember When Rejection Hurts

Unsplash Tim Gouw
Unsplash Tim Gouw

“Dear Applicant,

The Admissions Committee has carefully considered your application and we regret to inform you that we will not be able to offer you admission in the entering class of  Fall 2015”..


Rejection is basically when all your expectations are broken. You feel a sense of sadness, and anger towards whatever it is that isn’t going to work out for you. It is perfectly normal to feel a sad emotion when we don’t get what we expected. but how can we lessen the burden, or sadness or emotion that follows rejection

1. Don’t have very high expectations.

Life is full of uncertainty. When you have a good day, look at it for what it is and move on from it. Life is so much easier to deal with when you have a neutral outlook and emotion for all things that cross your path. Whether you get a college acceptance letter or a college rejection letter. Look at both experiences with the same neutral emotion. Look at it as it is. A rejection letter should motivate you. An acceptance letter should make you want to start to prepare. Whatever the outcome is, we should always handle it in a calm way.

2. Have trust that everything happening in your life is supposed to help you evolve.

As hard as this is to master, once you do, life will be a breath of fresh air. Technically that’s all life is. So you have to look at every experience in an open minded way. You can learn from every experience in your life. The positive or negative ones. Just look at them as learning experiences. Actually eliminate the words negative and positive and just call experiences, experiences. Now in order to master being open minded and have a neutral emotion you have to feel every emotion. Until you have felt every emotion, then you can neutralize your emotions. I will explain this in point 3.

3. Experience everything fully.

That means if you are having an experience that you perceive as “bad” ex (losing a job, not being able to have a baby, a break up with a significant other….etc), then make sure you experience those things fully. If your way of coping is crying every day then cry everyday. Feel every moment to moment emotion that comes your way. (Only thing with this is to be mindful of your energy and don’t go out your way to ruin someone else life experience because of what you are going through). But you have to be in the now an don’t suppress how you feel. Once you let out your hurt while it’s happening, you are helping to contribute to letting it go instead of having it repress into your subconscious and later coming out in other ways. You have to look at the experience for what it is, and feel every emotion that comes with it. Identify with it. Know you are feeling a certain way because of something (cause and effect). ONLY then you will be able to get over it. See when you are going through something “traumatic” you can’t sit there and act like it doesn’t hurt. That doesn’t help you in the long run. If someone breaks up with you, and you hold back all emotions and you act like it doesn’t hurt or you don’t identify with the issue, you will get that experience all over again with someone else.

4. Life is a group of evolving experiences packed with lessons that will keep happening over and over again until you learn from them.

You are constantly moving to the next level of consciousness. Or elevation. As humans we have power, energy, and vibes. If you learn this early on in life you will get the most benefits out of life. If you live your life on a low frequency of energy, or a life of ignorance, You will have a life full of repeating experiences. You will almost feel stuck. You can’t be blinded by your power as a human. We as humans are powerful, and our minds are VERY power. It all starts with your thought process. So SIT FRONT ROW in this school of life. Don’t be in the back not paying attention to your potential as a human. If you sit front row you will see that there’s no such thing as good and bad.There’s no need for expectations because only the right thing, and at the right time will happen to you. Sometimes the right thing is you losing your job, or someone breaking up with you or even the death of a parent. ALL things help you grow. It just takes your potential as a human to understand how to look at the benefits of all experiences instead of just looking at the benefits of “good” experiences.

So Remember

Rejection is not the end of the world. Rejection is redirecting you to something else. Something Better.

Don’t hold on to anything. Nothing last forever. Nothing in life is fully YOURS.

Have faith that the Universe  is only here to give you experiences. YOU conclude that an experience is good or bad. The universe doesn’t purposely say  “Let me make Mark lose his job to fuck with him and make him suffer” No. Your life is a part of a bigger ball of energy, that bigger ball of energy is the source of all life.  The universe knows that whatever experience it throws at you, You can handle it. YOU CAN HANDLE ANYTHING. You are powerful. You just have to decide to look at an experience with an open mind, and learn from it.

Don’t be a victim. The victim never wins. The victim is not learning, a victim is sulking in sorrow. You never want to ask yourself, why me. You ask yourself, How can this make me a stronger person.

For the person who is feeling rejected by people in their life….

“If you live for people acceptance, you will die from their rejection”

For the person who got their Idea or business plan, or any plan they made in life, and it was rejected…

“Remember that rejection of your idea, is not a rejection of you. Don’t take it personal”

For the person who is feeling rejected by a lover, or significant other, Or even a crush

“A clear rejection is always better than a fake promise”

Don’t let rejection make you want to eject your positive mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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