And Suddenly, There You Were

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

Isn’t it crazy how senses and memory work?

A man walked passed me today smoking a cigarette and suddenly I found myself walking into the club, the smell of smoke thick in the air.

Someone in front of me spoke to get my attention. I looked up and I saw you standing there, asking me to stay a little bit longer.

A car drove by with their windows down. They were playing that song. I could feel your body on mine, moving to the beat as one.

I tucked my hair behind my ear as the wind blew. I felt you pulling it to the side, trying to clear a spot on my neck for your lips.

I heard the giggle of a group of girls behind me. I was suddenly following you back to the car, laughing nervously about what was to come.

I laid my head on my pillow. I felt yours next to me.

I pulled up my covers. Your fingers were tracing my body.

I closed my eyes. And there you were. All over again.

But then I opened them again.

And you were gone.

And I was alone.

And I was alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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