So You’re Dating A Sad Girl

 Twenty20 wendeewingfield
Twenty20 wendeewingfield

You’re dating a sad girl. You’re a very happy guy, so full of life and joy, but your girlfriend is not. She is full of a deep sorrow that she cannot explain, and often finds herself lurking within the recesses of her mind, searching for a light to brighten her darkness, and end her sadness. But all she finds are more worries, anxiety and melancholy thoughts.

You’re a person that finds joy in every moment, pure ecstasy in every step. Someone who is so motivated to start the day that you cannot wait to jump out of bed and see what the morning has in store for you. But you’re dating a sad girl. And you try not to notice it, but sometimes you can’t help but think about it, and it hurts you. You do not know what this battle is like.

She tries to be more like you, to find the spring in her step, to appreciate all life has to offer her. But it is more difficult than she had ever imagined. She’s just never seen the world that brightly, through rose-colored lenses. To her, each day brings constant disappointments, only adding to her sadness, painting over her eyes a murky shade of gray. But she is willing to try for you. She puts on a happy face, and grins through her silent suffering. And sometimes, trying this hard to be happy drains her of every ounce of energy she has, making it difficult for her to even be with you. She is just exhausted.

But you’re dating a sad girl. And you try not to notice it, but sometimes you can’t help but think about it, and it hurts you. You do not know what this battle is like.

But she loves you so much. She loves you so much that she cannot really tell you about her thoughts because she is afraid she will lose you. That if you knew what she was thinking at any given moment, you would quickly run the other way. It tears her up inside when the thought crosses her mind. Not because you can’t handle her, but because you can’t handle her pain. You can’t stand to be the only source of happiness in her life–that pressure is just too much for one person to take. And why should you be responsible for her? Or at least that’s what she’s thinking.

She doesn’t know that you are willing and ready to help her, to hold her through her choking sobs, to support her and comfort her whenever it’s needed. If she is falling down, you won’t let her. You will lift her on your shoulders. Because seeing her happy is like seeing the sun for the first time after a long, dreary winter. And it is more radiant than anything you can imagine. Maybe you should tell her.

She is scared to open up to you. This is why you need to open your heart to her and tell her that she is not alone, and you will not let her be alone in this. You will overcome it together. But until that day, you will try your best to shield her from the storm that is her depression. And all the while, she will try to shield you from her depression too.ย TC mark


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