Confessions Of An Ex-Lover


My Act

I never loved you.

I wanted to know what it was like to be wanted.

I never thought it would be so hard to pretend.
Why did it hurt so much to try to like you?

You were kind and funny.
I was confused and tired of being alone.

I used you.

Why were you such a burden?
Why did I feel so bad about it?
Why did I feel?

I never loved you.

How come it hurt when you left?
Why couldn’t I leave first?
Why did I stay?
Why did I try?

I never thought you would have the last word.
I was lost in my head,
too lost to realize you slipping away.

You used me.

You left.

Your Act

Keep on pretending.

Your humor, your flamboyant boyish nature; are just false truths you hide behind.

You’ve come a long way, spinning your web.

This charade you play will help you keep her.

Money will get you far.
Trinkets, jewels, trips and perfumes.

Years have passed; I still know your patterns.

Does she think she knows you?
Or are you just good at mimicking those around you?

Your deceptive nature helps you move through relationships, not phasing a soul.

You had no decency or respect for me. Do you even know your own darkness?

She doesn’t.
I hope she never finds out.

She’s only with you for your money.

Remember that at least you knew I never loved you.
Or at least you found out in the end.

All I wanted was to destroy your web.

Was it spite? Maybe.

The real deception was me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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