To The Man Who Broke Up With Me Through Text Message

I am not in middle school, I say that because breaking up with someone over text is something you hear about solely in middle school. Even then I am pretty sure all my middle school “boyfriends” still had the courage to it in person.

I would also like to say I am not mad at you for breaking up with me; we had only been dating a few months yet things get serious pretty quickly. Still I would have rather have you break up with me then if you didn’t feel the relationship was right as opposed to letting me get more attached. No one should ever stay in a relationship in which they are not happy.

However the moment you sent the words “I want to break up” to me in a text message I lost all respect I had for you, which was a lot. At first I thought it was a joke because I thought there was no way you could actually be breaking up with me over text. Then from that point you ignored me for about three or four hours giving me no answers just leaving me to drown in my own thoughts. In that time period I am not going to lie I said some pretty mean things to you that I wish I could take back, but I was so mad and full of emotion that I just said what was on my mind hoping one of them would get you to respond. Finally you did and I asked you how long you had been wanting to break up with me and you said since your drive to come see me (we were in a long distance relationship) that means you spent the entire weekend with me knowing you wanted to end things but instead acted like everything was fine and waited until about 30 minutes after you had left to instead text it to me. That fact alone blows my mind. I know breaking up with a person isn’t an easy thing to do, no one wants to sit there and tell a person that cares about them so much that they don’t want to be with them. I am not saying telling me in person would have made things easier. I would have cried and asked you and probably asked if there was anything I could do to change your mind. That is obviously something no one wants to do but at least once you did it you would have know you did it in a respectful way. Instead you took the cowardly way out, you hid behind a phone screen so you wouldn’t have to deal with my reaction. You knew if you had done it in person that you would have to answer the hard questions such as “why” and “what did I do wrong” and this gave you a way to ignore those and just pretend like I no longer existed. It is sad because before you did that I respected you more than most people in my life and after that all that respect was gone in an instance due to one single text.

After that text I tried my best to talk to you get some answers so I myself could have peace of mind but you refused to give me that. You pretty much pretended like I didn’t exist, unfollowed me on social media deleted instagram pictures of us, basically in the span of 12 hours you pretty much forgot I existed. The few things you have said to me were not kind words they were hurtful and twisted the situation so that I was the bad guy. I am thankful for all of my amazing friends who have supported me during this time and let me know that I did not do anything wrong and made me feel like everything is going to be okay. I hope if and when you have to break up with another girl you don’t hide behind of your phone screen instead you man up do the hard but right thing and do it in person. Or if you do hide behind your phone again at least be considerate enough to give the girl a simple “I’m Sorry” because I never even got that. You could not even admit to me what you did was wrong and disrespectful which I think is the part that hurts the most.

Like I said I am not mad at you for ending the relationship, I am mad at you for the manner in how you did it. In an already hard time of going through a breakup you made me feel more disrespected then I ever have in my life before and that, is what hurts the most.


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