A Letter To My Ex-Girlfriend’s Future Boyfriend

I’m going to start off by saying that there is no need to size me up or compare your status to mine. She’s an all around knockout so she picked you because you’re something special and you possess amazing qualities. I’m guessing rock star, nobel peace prizewinner, male model, or maybe you’re a hot fitness instructor who started a non-profit to fight obesity with youth?!? Basically, you’re fine. Besides, I won’t be lingering around so you don’t have to be wary because my life will not be affecting yours.

I don’t know if you’re into the act of sex, but know that sex with her is pretty good. Let me retract that statement – it’s GREAT. Her fit and tight body will grab a hold of you in a way where every partner before you will become an unknown memory of sandpaper and lice. Did I mention she’s on the pill? You don’t have to wait two years to feel one of the most pleasurable things you’ll feel in your life.

I’ll stop with the explanation because I’m getting a tad bit “excited” as I think about our escapades. However, you get the idea.

Let’s get onto her clothes because they’re always on point. Regardless if she’s walking out the door with workout gear, sweats, or a dress… she glows. I’m not being sarcastic or facetious, but I loved waiting a few more minutes (sometimes hours) as she got herself ready. She works hard to look good, which means there is a high expectation for you to do the same. This is one thing I failed to do as I started to dress down when I began focusing my mind on other things.

You won’t make that mistake.

Don’t be scared if you think that food isn’t in her diet because, in reality, food is everything. Get ready to unbuckle your belt and head to every restaurant in the world. Roll up your sleeves and get messy with dishes to cook and cupcakes to bake. In the beginning, we would hold potluck dinner with friends and laugh with the food spread around us.

However, in the last two years of our relationship we didn’t even have enough time to hold our own cooking days. Make time to eat and cook with her. It’s worth every second.

Then, there is her face. Her soft eyes, her cheeks, her perfect nose, and her dimple on the side that slowly creeps up when she smiles. Her smile will push you to keep her face clear from tears. If you’re ever lost, know that you’ll find your soul in her eyes.

Though she’s radiant in the classical sense, please note that she’s actually very playful. She’s not the first one to jump into a crowd, but if you stick by her side and lead her into the group, she will become the missing piece everyone needs at the party. She’s down for adventure and will often lead you to magical destinations.

I was never bored in our six years together. Well, shopping was never my thing. But in general, there was never a point in our relationship where I was ever bored with her.

So – keep your energy up!

She’s a college graduate from a top-tier University with a degree in medicine and science. In addition, her knowledge continues with fitness and health. Therefore, the times you’re not laughing will be spent learning about what she does, what she knows, and the goals she’s set to accomplish. Every single day I made it a point to learn something completely new, because there was always something new to learn!

Ask the right questions because there are so many doors that will open when you’re with her. However, make a point to open yourself up. This was my failure. I had a very difficult time opening up to her about my own life. I was too engulfed in her life that I forgot to tell her about mine. She isn’t the best at asking the right questions, so it might be weird to start bringing up random things. Trust me, you’re not bragging. Just figure out the right balance and speak from your heart.

Though her family is far from perfect, when you look past the details you’ll see how wonderful her family truly is and what they’re capable of doing. They’re welcoming, funny, and supportive of each other. Be especially kind to her mother because her mom breeds love.

Her family is her life and I was too late in making time to build a relationship with them.
Don’t make my mistake.

I want to continue by telling you that there is more to her than just her intelligence, looks, sexiness, family, and overall radiance. She’s compassionate. She’s considerate. She’s selfless. She’s so considerate that there were times when she put the feelings of others even before us. It was sometimes painful, but it was also something I admired her for.

I’ve seen her grow for six years. I’ve seen her tears, her tribulations; her loses, her wins, and watched to see how far she’s gone throughout our time together. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and now you have a chance to be there as well. At no point do you have to take care of her, but do all you can to be there for her when she needs you.

She works best when the love of her life is by her side.

Lastly, you’re probably reading this way before you start dating her because she wants to be single right now. She wants to jump up with joy, accomplish her goals, and be her own north star that she dares to be! Till then, get yourself ready because the only way she’s ever going to start dating you – is if you make the effort to become the best version you’re made to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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