9 Things Only ‘Asian Woman And Caucasian Man’ Couples Will Understand


Asian Woman’s Perspective:

1. The amount of times you read an article like this preps you for the cringe due the word “fetish”. You know the yellow fever accusation is coming. You constantly overcompensate to show you’re a strong woman just so others will understand you’re not just some sexual conquest. Or God forbid some delicate, submissive lotus girl.

2. You’re tired of defending your relationship’s longevity potential since your “pairing” has become a social stereotype. Asian women that date or marry outside of their race are usually suspected as gold diggers or social climbers even though Asian women are the No. 1 demographic to earn degrees; which therefore means they do not need help in the coin area.

3. You have definitely been accused of self-hate, as do many other ethnic women who date outside of their race, but on the scale of perpetuating the “undesirable Asian males” stereotype. So therefore, it’s also “your fault” for the growing population of single Asian men and the decline of available Asian women for their choosing. Tragic.

Caucasian Man’s Perspective:

1. People think you’re dating her because you’re trying to complete some sexual bucket list and the ladies from the East are the nastiest – according to porn anyway. Well that’s probably true…I could always use some tips. Just kidding!

2. You always have that one friend – or at least one person in your life – that half-jokingly asks if your girl has slanted female parts. Really, bro?

3. As a modern white male in today’s society, you are given the opportunity to befriend and date whomever you want; however, when you are seen with an Asian woman, some see you as some sort of colorblind Casanova that yet only manages to make the “safe” choice. Asians are constantly regarded as the model minority so class-wise, white males are praised for being culturally unbiased yet simultaneously staying in their comfort zone when they date them.

Couple’s Perspective:

1. You’re fully aware that you’re a part of one of the most common interracial pairings EVER. Your relationship is not a trend. Keep it moving!

2. Being greeted Happy New Year in February and not knowing whether that person is extremely late or is straight up assuming you’re Chinese. Whether it’s a yes or no, you don’t know me! 

3. Your cultural differences and practices are interesting and is probably what attracted you to each other. So why is everyone else asking you two about it? You are too busy learning and experiencing one another, you ain’t got time for no history lesson for the peanut gallery!

Bottom line is: be proud of who you fall in love with. Whether you’re seen as a trend, a relationship of convenience, or a notch on the dashboard – stand tall and smile while giving everyone the finger. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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