5 Awesome Things That Happen To You In An Interracial Relationship

1. You learn a new language!

Though it may seem that language barrier is a difficulty in the relationship, when both of you are willing to compromise, you’ll end up learning your partner’s language! It takes time and whole lot of patience but it’s definitely cute (and sexy!) hearing your native words from your partner. The way they pronounce it just makes you even love him/her more! Not to mention, how funny it is when you teach them the “naughty” words and they are just so clueless of what it means.

2. You open yourself to a new culture (and actually experience it)!

This makes the relationship more interesting. It feels like not only discovering something new about your partner everyday but also being more aware of the world we live in. Often, we are confined with our own customs that we stick to our “usual” way of life. I am not saying that it’s a terrible way of living instead, there are more traditions that we can explore. Letting ourselves experience it is like opening more to what the world can offer.

3. You become more adventurous (especially with food)!

You will (must) try their food! My partner cooks for me and I absolutely love it! Although sometimes it doesn’t charm your sense of smell and sight but the thought that he cooked it for you makes you want to dig into it. Yes, you’ll end up loving it!

4. You become more patient, open-minded and respectful which makes the relationship stronger.

Just the thought of having very different beliefs, religion and traditions makes it more complicated compare to other “normal” relationships. It is not always a happy “I accept you for who you are” love story. There will be some of your partner’s character that you might disagree but it’s part of how he is and you just need to get over it especially if it doesn’t cause any harm to the relationship. You need to be respectful about it and be more patient if that’s the case. Eventually, you’ll learn to love that part of his/her self.

5. You become a good example to other couples.

People might just be waiting when the relationship will end but like other relationships, it is full of challenges but totally worth it.

There is no color or race in love. It just takes two brave people who are willing to compromise and celebrate the differences! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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