21 Guys Reveal Things They Can’t Stand, But Do Anyway To Make Their Girlfriends Happy

We all have those things that we hate doing, but we suck it up to see the people we care about be happy. I hate going to baby showers, but with all of my cousins getting pregnant every 4 minutes, I know it makes my mom happy. Us ladies are demanding, and we know that. We took the liberty of reaching out to some of our closest guy friends and getting their opinions first hand on the things they can’t stand doing. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We appreciate you men, so hard, for putting up with our shit. In turn, we will try not to bitch at you when your pubes are all over the bath tub.

Here is the list of things our dudes hate doing:

1. “Grocery shopping.”

2. “I enjoy being around girls. I like everything.”

3. “Manscaping my hair and beard. Eating at restaurants where an entree is more than $10. Giving massages. Saying no to drugs.”

4. “Going to restaurants to eat, and catering to feelings that are not based on logic.”

5. “Staying up late when I have to work the next day. Skipping the gym for happy hour. Showing interest in her lame stories. Driving her and her drunk friends around.”

6. “Watching Sex and the City.”

7. “Watching movies or listening to music that I abhor.”

8. “Not being able to have sex with multiple women.”

9. “Cleaning things, seeing shitty movies, buying gifts for stupid ass occasions, group outings with other couples, and having to give a fuck about their friend/work drama–but I try not to make any concessions hence why i’m single.”

10. “Listening to drunk girls talk about something they know absolutely nothing about.”

11. “Girls who think they’re spicy (aka hott) but really they’re not attractive at all.”

12. “Pretending I like some of her friends but I actually hate them.”

13. “Um this is gonna sound really silly but I actually can’t think of any…I like all the stupid girlfriend stuff believe it or not. Even most of the stories are mildly entertaining, haha.” (Sorry we cannot give away this one’s identity due to the high volume of inquiries for his phone number.)

14. “Watching rom coms”

15. “I’m not the best example because I’m selfish and avoid all of these things but off the top of my head quick: working out with girls, watching sports with girls (#1 avoid that at all costs), going to trendy places, anytime a girl says, ‘that’s so cute, we should do that’ or, ‘I’d love to do that with a boyfriend’ just know that no dude ever wants to do it.”

16. “Sight-seeing or any tourist activity is another one we literally don’t care at all about but chicks love it. “

17. “Texting you when we’re not with you, aint nobody wanna do that shit but girls always wanna check in and talk.”

18. “Any apple picking type activities, stuff like that would be miserable. Let me know if you need more and I’ll try to remember all the times my roommate said, ‘No it was pretty fun!’ when you know he was miserable doing shit with his girlfriend and was trying to convince himself ”

19. “Who the fuck grocery shops with/for chicks?” (refer to 1st one)
“Going dancing”

20. “Listening to her bitching about getting fat”

21. “Watching The Bachelor or the E! Network with her” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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