When You Try To Avoid The Fact That You’re Lonely

I think everyone in one point of their lives, feels what we all try to avoid: loneliness and a void that lives somewhere in our inner-being. It can be anywhere inside of you: the small crevices in our hearts and the hollowness we feel in our souls. If anything, these two feelings are emotions that we will do anything at all costs to not have to encounter. And if we do come across them for short or long-term period of time, we will do anything in our might to fill up the emptiness with external belongings. We will put our hands around Whiskey bottles. Put our lips onto strangers. We will max out our credit cards to buy ourselves objects to make us feel a little better about ourselves. We will try to fill that void with food, pornography and anything that will make us truly “feel” again.

We cling onto external objects and materialistic belongings because that fulfills us. However, it only fulfills us to a certain extent. When we feel that temporary feeling dissipate- we will do it all over again. We will be found at the corner liquor store, in stranger’s beds, we will max out our second credit card; we are empty, we need to be fed again. We are like starving beggars sitting in front of a feast. We are like vampires craving blood. We will hurt anyone and anything when we are in the moments of fulfilling our little crevices that hold our loneliness and our stomachs that are so very empty.

We will hurt people- intentionally or not, or may even both. And to be quite frank- our friendships will disappear within the swift of the wind, our relationships will be terminated, our careers and everything we are attached to, will no longer be ours. We will be left with an empty Whiskey bottle in our hands, no one to call and nothing left to fulfill our needs. We have nothing. We are seeking answers. We need to be fed again, but how do we do it, if we have done everything in an external manner?

People forget that we live in a Universe filled with love. The energy that we are surrounded with when we wake up at dusk and until sunset and even in the hours of the late night- there is love. But, it is up to us to discard our addictions and stand outside of our element and teach ourselves how to love our very own selves first. The teach ourselves something as simple as turning the key to opening the gates of our hearts.

Once you begin to ditch the late night runs to the corner liquor store, you find it in yourself to turn around and walk down the steps of that stranger’s door, and stop abandoning yourself physically, mentally and emotionally- you will begin to find yourself filled with love. This love will occupy those once empty crevices of your heart and the emptiness of your stomach.

Love is there, it is waiting for you. Give it a chance. And when you finally do, you’ll be overwhelmed with it. You will share it with everyone that surrounds you. You will feel so full of it- you will never again be that beggar standing before a feast starving. You will be the feast sitting on the table in front of the beggars. What a different position it will be. You will fill those hungry and lonely souls with your overwhelming amount of love. You will finally be able to give back to the Universe, because it once gave you something that you so ardently needed, and that was love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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