5 Empowering Truths All Women Need To Start Realizing About Themselves

In the Western part of the world, women are excelling in all areas of their lives. This is the time where women are able to succeed, thrive in their careers, build a family, and know their significance in our society. Women are world-shaking, alluring, hardworking and they are limitless. However, sometimes women ignore the value of their worth because women once lived in a society that didn’t make them feel deserving enough to have the amount of resources women are now granted today.

I am going to share five important factors that I have learned in the course of twenty four years, and how I was once in a position where I felt as if I was not deserving and worthy enough. But, I am. We all are and I hope these five realizations will prove how significant you truly are.

1. You are powerful

Take ownership of the power that you gracefully carry around with you- at all times! You are above and beyond formidable, compelling and you are more than allowed to be in command. Women: speak up, speak loud and own your power. Don’t ever freely give it away out of intimidation of another or out of fear. This is something generations have worked so very hard for and we finally are able to embrace the power that we so commendably possess.

2. You deserve to be respected

We all deserve to be respected, men and women. However, in the last decade, women have demanded respect and to be treated with absolute regard, honor and dignity. Being a respected woman says something about how you treat yourself. If you let other people treat you with impudence, then you are failing to realize that you deserve goodness. You need to not fail to realize that seeking respect is by far a selfish act. It is saying, “I deserve to be recognized. I deserve to be acknowledged. I deserve to be surrounded by people who continually remind me of how worthy and deserving I truly am.”

3. You are allowed to have high self-esteem

You worked your entire life to be the woman you are today, right now, in this very second. You have given up on society’s approval. You have disregarded the ideas of who you are suppose to be. You lived too long in a world that made you feel less, ineligible, and unsuitable to society’s standards of who women can be. However, you have never kept your head down and you do not plan on slouching in your seat to make others feel more comfortable. You are aware of how strong-willed you are in the places and in the moments other people try and fit you into small spaces.

4. You define yourself, not society

You are smarter than that- letting others define you as a woman. You absolutely know that no one can define you, you define your very own self; embrace the woman you have created. Take pride in who you have become. Share it with the world. Scream your strengths and weaknesses in absolute gratification. Remember, you are you, because of YOU!

5. You don’t have to live in small spaces

Generations and generations ago and even in this day in age, women were and are known to fit into small spaces. To fit where is it convenient and comfortable for others. I am here to tell you that you do not have to live such lifestyle. You do not have to lower your voice, decrease the amounts of your wants and needs and to not live big. Be bold. Take up as much space as needed. Raise your voice. Prevail your inner strength and never settle to be seen as a woman who can fit perfectly in spaces that people give us. Live big. Reach further and don’t ever let anyone place you in spaces that are too small for you. You are a woman that deserves to be known- to be seen and not in small spaces. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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