You’ll Realize You Let Me Go When It’s Already Too Late

I’m sorry I got so attached. I’m sorry I fell so hard so fast. I’m sorry you lead me to believe that this was what you wanted. I’m sorry I gave you everything without asking you if you wanted it first. I’m sorry I loved you with everything I had.

You walked into my life without warning. I pushed and tried to fight the feelings. You broke through my walls, you found my soft spots, you did it. You made me fall. I fell so hard.

I became addicted. Craved your love and craved your touch. Relied on you for my happiness. Lived on your time. Fought for your attention. The attention that began to shift.

You were immature. You were needing to be free. You didn’t know what you wanted. You decided after a year that maybe some alone time would be better. You broke me into pieces and left me on the floor.

I was mature. I was ready for you. I gave you what you needed. I did what it took to be the glue that held us together. In return I became your last priority. I got too close. I lost you in the night.

I was ready to love you for the rest of my life. But I wanted you to be something you’re not. I wanted you to love me like I was the most precious thing in your life. Because I was. But now I’m walking away, I’m halfway gone. I’m looking over my shoulder, but I’m ready to turn my head and go. I’m done waiting and I’m ready to run.

Someday you’ll realize what you let slip out of your life. Someday you’ll be asking yourself why I’m no longer waiting. You’ll be wondering why I waited for a year and why now I decided to go. You won’t understand that I deserve better until it’s too late. You’ll ask yourself what you were thinking, allowing the brightest light in your life to dim. Someday you’ll realize how badly you messed up. And by that time I’ll be with someone who can give me everything that you chose not to give me.

I’m halfway gone, but there’s no stopping me now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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