12 Soothing Steps To Find Your Inner Peace And Truly Love Yourself

Self-love is an action of providing yourself with unconditional love, nurture, comfort and respect. It does not mean that we are selfish humans (not all of the time), but that we need to love ourselves fully and entirely before we can be loved by another human being. Self-love is difficult. The thought of practicing to love yourself instead of focusing our locus on another person, seems unfathomable. But, trust me, it’s not.

I am going to reveal something very personal: I have been practicing how to truly love myself for the past six months. I want to tell you the truth, it takes work. In the process of getting in touch with your inner-self, you are doing it with compassion, gentleness, care and kindness. You are learning to love yourself, because regardless to all the times people have entered your life and robbed you of what you believe was your inner-being, you are deserving and worthy enough to love yourself. It was not that you were not worthy enough for them—they were not worthy enough for you. However, you may believe they took the most sacred parts of your being. Maybe they did, but one thing they did not take, is your self-love. To reassure this truth, remember that no one could ever take away the one thing you own; yourself.

I am going to tell you the twelve things I have done in the process of providing myself self-love. I hope you find these twelve ways of practicing self-love to be useful, because it has been the keystone to my romantic relationship with myself. I hope it will be yours, too.

1. Embrace that body of yours.

Own it. Be proud of it. You are one in seven billion people who have this exact body. To the birth mark on your left leg, fall in love with it. You would not be you without it.

2. Take yourself out for dinner.

You would accept to go out on a date, right? You would look good for someone else, but why don’t you do it for yourself next Friday night? And consider the thought of treating yourself. (Step #3)

3. Touch yourself.

Touch yourself the way you longed to be touched. Give yourself the best orgasm you ever had. Share your moans with your room. Enjoy your own company, because you are your best company.

4. You have an hour between classes of you have an extra hour to spare before you cook dinner, lay outside.

Spring is turning into summer and the weather is perfect. Take a blanket and lay on your front lawn. Let the sun hit your face and the back of your hands. Remind yourself of how much you deserve this moment in absolute solitude.

5. Give yourself compliments.

Whether you compliment the sun-kissed color of your hair, or the way your legs look in your new heels. Do not be shy from recognizing how good you look and or how sexy you feel.

6. Remove all toxic out of your life.

You have to be mindful of who you keep as your company. Do not surround yourself around people who do not encourage you. Surround yourself with people who not only tell you how amazing you are, but they willingly show you.

7. Eat clean.

Feed your body with nutrients. Show your body how important your health is to you.

8. Understand the validity of your feelings.

“It is okay to feel an unwavering feeling of sadness sometimes.”

9. Commit to physical health.

Cut back on drinking, binge eating, improve your eating habits, and find time to exercise. Not just your body, but your mind. Yoga is an amazing mind workout.

10. Keep reminding yourself of your greatest strengths.

Accept your weaknesses. Improve them both.

11. Remember that a feeling is just a feeling.

Thinking an unpleasant feeling does not necessarily make your an unpleasant person.

12. Be you!

You are the only one that can perfect this action. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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