Why Giving Ourselves To Others Pays Off

The key to my hopes and dreams for this world in one statement. I treat you with worth, you treat me with worth, we treat everyone with worth, simple. But things never go down the simplest path, now do they?

I treat you with worth, you treat me like I have less significance than everyone else. I give, you take. That’s our world. Someone giving, but never getting and someone getting but failing to give. An unbalanced distribution of the truly most desirable wealth: self-worth.

People take for granted what you give; they continue asking for more until you’re empty and take their insatiable hunger to someone new to drain. But you’re still left there. Hollow. Vacant. You gave your all to people just to find out that you were taken advantage of.

It’s not true what they say: “you get what you give” because you gave everything and were returned nothing. But, maybe there’s a loophole to the rule. What if what we gave to someone was never meant to be returned? What if, instead, someone else is supposed to come and give you brand new? And what if they give to you first and without that empty expectation of getting anything back in return? Isn’t that more special than getting back ungrateful, half-assed attempts?

This is why we treat people right and give ourselves to others. It’s not about them treating us right in return like we’ve been told for ages. But, it’s more about them going out of their way to treat SOMEONE out there with consideration. And then, maybe then, one day it will all loop back around to us, the ones who started the chain, full circle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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