To The Best Friend I Never Thought I’d Have

People often take the term “best friend” for granted. They throw it around so casually as if it’s on the same level and gravity as calling someone their friend. Well, it’s not. Calling someone your best friend or being called that someone’s best friend means that you take on a deeper level of friendship and commitment that normal friends don’t share.

Being a best friend demands the same level of unwavering trust and commitment as being in a relationship. It needs a mutual understanding of both parties’ shortcomings, a level of maturity to look past these imperfections, and see the beautiful person that they first met as a stranger but latter chose to call their best friend.

The odds of getting the opportunity, or rather the privilege, to be able to secure such a prestigious title are pretty low. 10%? 15? I don’t really know, but I know I’m lucky to be part of that 10%.

To the best friend I never thought I’d have, this is just a short appreciation letter to express how you’ve been a blessing to my life:

Thank you for being my first friend in college. I call it serendipity that we both had matching Facebook profile pictures doing the same stunt because this led you to adding and chatting me on Facebook. I will always be grateful for that start and for all the memories that followed after.

Thank you for making school more enjoyable for me. Going to school, I’d always look forward to another day full of laughter and memories with you, and always ending the day with a smile on my face.

Thank you for always being the supportive friend that you are. Thank you for sometimes going out of your way just to help me, give me advices, or keep me company. You don’t know how uplifting your words of encouragement and support are.

Thank you for always believing in me during the times I myself forget to. You would always cheer me up and give me those inspirational talks that mean a lot simply because they come from someone whose thoughts and opinions I treasure and value.

Thank you for always being happy for me when things are falling into place in my life. You genuinely rejoice and celebrate with me in my accomplishments and achievements. You are always the first to congratulate and celebrate with me as soon as the good news reaches you. You aren’t envious or jealous because you only want what’s best for me, and you know I’d always do the same for you.

Thank you for always being the first, and sometimes the only, one to notice whenever something’s bothering me. You know me really well enough to notice even the tiniest changes in my actions and immediately know that something is wrong.

Thank you for always being there not just when it’s convenient for you, but even when it’s not. Thank you for always being there whenever I’d need a friend to talk to, for comforting me during my lowest moments. Whether it’s 2am in the morning and I just need a friend to rant to, you’d always be there to listen and try to help in any way you can. I don’t have to keep everything bottled up inside because I know there is someone I can always count on.

Thank you for trusting me by confiding in me your problems. Opening up, showing me your vulnerability, and trusting me to be able to help you or just be a friend you can cry on really make my life more meaningful. Thank you for making me feel that I matter.

At the same time, thank you for always being the person I can confide in. I know that I can tell you anything from petty to more serious problems, and know that there will be no judging. I know that I can always open up to you and expect to have both ears ready to listen a heart ready to understand.

Thank you for all the disagreements and fights we had. Thank you for always not letting the day end without having resolved our conflicts. You know I have my own shortcomings. Thank you for always being understanding. Our friendship always comes out stronger after every conflict because we always talk about it and try to understand where each of us is coming from. I will forever be thankful for this part of our friendship.

Thank you for being honest to tell me the painful words that I need but don’t want to hear. You can point out my mistakes without making me feel bad because I know you’re always coming from a point of concern and intention of helping me become a better person.

Thank you for being selfless. You are an inspiration to everyone—from serving others through different organizations to helping anyone in any way you can. You inspire me to be more and to do more to be able to leave a mark in this world just like how you’ve already done in the people around you.

There are another billion reasons to be thankful for, but being thankful for how our lives intersected in a way that we ended up as best friends sums it all up. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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