7 Sure Signs You’ve Found Your Ideal Guy

Flickr / Courtney Carmody
Flickr / Courtney Carmody

We’ve all had that picture in our head of our “ideal guy”. We’ve all played the game of “Tell us about your perfect boyfriend, your dream husband.” What he looks like, what his perfect traits are.

But then you meet someone, who changes your entire perception of the “ideal guy.” And all of those qualities you used to think were so important just aren’t. Maybe this guy only has some of those traits, or none at all. You love him anyway.

You can’t always describe what it is that makes him the right person, or why you feel like that, but you know it when you do. Here are 7 signs you’re with the real ideal guy.

1. You don’t need to wear make up

You don’t feel the need to paint your face when you see him. He’s seen you with your bed head, glasses and nighttime retainer, and doesn’t love you any less, though he might have a few snapchats saved.

2. You can send him ugly snapchats

Speaking of snapchats, you no longer fix your hair, put on lipstick and don your best duck face for him. No, now he gets the triple chin, beehive hair, hungover a f snaps.

3. You want to tell him everything

The good, the bad and the mundane– he hears it all. Whether it’s your grad school acceptance letter, your fight with your sister or that you just ate a really delicious grape, he’s always the first person you want to tell.

4. You don’t think of him in terms of aesthetics

When people ask you what he’s like, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t how hot he is. Instead, you tell them how he stayed up all night with you while you puked your guts out after a night of drinking.

5. You’re not afraid to disagree with him

You don’t agree with everything he says or does, and you’re not afraid to tell him so. You put him in his place, and he puts you in yours. You have real discussions and debates and agree to disagree when necessary.

6. You don’t have all the same hobbies

You’re interested in each other’s passions and hobbies but you’re okay if you don’t share them. Instead, you teach each other about them and learn from each other.

7. You’re real

You’re completely comfortable around each other and don’t need to pretend to be anyone else. You accept each other for who you are, and love each other for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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