6 Confessions Of A Chronic Heartbreaker

Flickr / Guilherme Yagui
Flickr / Guilherme Yagui

We heartbreakers are not a rare breed, but to those who are not chronic heartbreakers we are incredibly difficult to understand. These are six confessions of a chronic heartbreaker that will hopefully help everyone else understand us as a whole.

1. We really did love you.

Speaking from my own perspective, if I told you that I loved you at the time I 
did mean it. Unfortunately, the human heart is fickle, and a heartbreakers heart is more fickle than the average persons. I loved you then, and maybe I still love you now. But I can’t be with you anymore. 

2. Our lies weren’t because we didn’t care about you or didn’t think you deserved the truth.

Again, this is only my own perspective. But chances are every heartbreaker has lied, probably more than once, to the person whose heart they broke. It doesn’t mean we didn’t care about you, or didn’t think you deserved the truth. It’s likely because we knew eventually we would break your heart (as egotistical as that sounds) and wanted to soften the blow as much as possible. 

3. It wasn’t that you weren’t enough.

You probably were enough, more than enough! I hope you are able to find someone who not only understands that like I do, but appreciates it like I simply couldn’t. You were always fantastic, always enough ­ just not enough for me. I am a heartbreaker, and moving on is what I do. 

4. We never meant to hurt you.

Again, this is only my perspective, but I hope it holds true for most heartbreakers. I knew I would hurt you, I really did. I know you thought we might have something special, and I knew it would shatter you when I told you we didn’t. But I did not hurt you on purpose, unfortunately you were simply collateral damage on my path to [self­-awareness/self­-destruction].

5. We will fondly remember you for the rest of our lives.

And it hurts that your memories of us will likely never be kind. I still remember that time you brought me a care package when I was sick, or the time you comforted me when something awful happened in my life. I remember the laughs, and the giggles, and the play fights and I will take these out and cherish those memories forever. It is incredibly upsetting that I have tainted all memories you have of me, but I expect and respect that.

6. You were important to us.

And we will always want to be your friend. 
But I respect that you will probably never want to speak to me again. This is heartbreaking to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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