A Letter To The Girl Trying To Ruin My Boyfriend’s Life

I don’t even know where to start. There are so many things to say to you but after what you’ve done to him, I’m skeptical to say them and frankly, I’m scared. You’ve broken the man I loves heart and simply because he told you he didn’t want you anymore and was seeing me. You have simply just shattered it into a million pieces, and although him and I are very happy together, your actions still influence his views on life because of how hard you are trying to ruin his life. He hates you. He hates everything you’ve done to him and to this day, he doesn’t understand why you did what you did. But he also sees the silver lining in all of this, you can no longer hurt him, and you no longer will have any appeal to him ever again. At first when I found out about everything, I was shocked, hurt, and scared of you. Your toxic relationship had to come to an end, and when it did, it ended 3 months before he even knew I existed. He trusted me and told me everything about your relationship from beginning to end. I cried. I cried a lot, but there’s nothing that made me feel more proud of him because he told me the truth, and I know it wasn’t easy, but he told me to protect me.

I’m not even sure what I did to you to merit so much hatred. Yes, I know that you’re not supposed to like your ex-boyfriends’ new girl and I understand that you probably think you’re way prettier than me and nicer than me. You’re wealthier, skinnier, you think I’m a “drama queen”, and most importantly you’re insanely jealous of the role I have come to take in his life, but truth be told, you’re irrelevant now. You became irrelevant the day you broke his heart, but he just couldn’t bring himself to completely cut you off because he wasn’t over you. He’s been over you for a while and was beginning to moving on with me. You’re pathetic but yet I realize that we all have different way of coping with things and at the same time, I respect your actions. I know you blocked me on Facebook, but I also know you still creep on my life every single chance you get. I hope that when you see me you feel guilt. And I hope that when you occasionally go on someone else’s Facebook profile to briefly look at mine, it burns. No matter what you think about me, I want you to know that I used to care, but I don’t anymore.

I was never expecting to fall for him and in fact I tried to guard myself from liking anyone when I returned from my time abroad, but yet he intrigued me. He is quiet, thoughtful, has an amazing voice, and says the funniest things out of the blue. I love the way he holds me tight, and the kisses he gives me on my forehead. I love how often he tells me I’m the best and how thankful he is for me. He’s the complete opposite of me, he listens to everything I say and laughs at all of my quirky jokes. We’ve got chemistry and no one else but him and I can understand that. I know that you think that he can’t be happy with anyone if it isn’t you, but if I could make any promise to you, it would be that I promise to take care of him, make him happy, and be the best person I can be for him. I want you to know that regardless of whether or not our relationship flourishes or seizes to exist, I promise to never hurt him and cause the mental and emotional strain that you have caused him.

To simply put it, you’re everything I don’t want to be. You’re selfish and careless, and have no respect for people’s opinions or anyone who tries to disagree with you. You’re spoiled. You think that just because you’ve always gotten what you wanted and your family has money to blow, you can continue to get it over and over again without fail. Well guess what, here’s a small little newsflash; you’re not going to have everything you’ll ever want. This world is a cruel and unfair place solely because of selfish people like you.

Undoubtedly, you are incredibly hurt, and in fact, I am too. You aren’t with him every step of the way anymore; you don’t see how frustrated he gets or how hurt he is by everything you’ve done to him. He hasn’t touched you or contacted you at all in the past few months but yet you keep going out of your way to ruin him, his education, and his reputation. How could have someone who “loved him so much” and “been so in love” with him do everything in their power to ruin their “true loves” life? Do you even know what love is? Love is unconditional and when you’re in love with someone you want nothing but the best for them regardless if that does or doesn’t include you. You do the most selfless thing and put their needs before yours, that’s real love.

I recognize that I am no one to judge you, to each their own. You’re hurt, you feel used and you lost someone you thought would always be there for you. But the reality is, he’s moved on and so should you. Just because he’s moved on and stopped communicating with you, or defends me when you disrespect me doesn’t give you the right to tear down everything he’s built. Very respectfully, I hope that you find someone who values you and loves you for the way you are. I hope that one person brings you joy and drives you crazy in the best way possible. I hope that you learn to love as passionately as anyone could ever love an individual. Undeniably, you’re going to love way harder than you ever thought possible, and whether you find someone now or later, I wish you nothing but happiness in this world. I know how much you wanted things with him to work out and how prevalent you wanted to stay in his mind, but he moved on, and you should too.

I know you’ve known him longer than I have, and that you probably feel that nothing will ever come close to what you two had. What him and I have is completely different and I will never try to one up what you two had, but he genuinely cares about me, and I care so much about him too. Stop trying to ruin his life and ruin our relationship, because I would never ruin yours. Time is the only thing that can heal wounds, but continuing to stay prevalent in his life by ruining him as a person, is bad for him, and it’s worse for you. He doesn’t care anymore and wants to move forward, and so should you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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