5 Things Boyfriends Don’t Understand (But Your Friends Do)

Flickr / Vivianna_love
Flickr / Vivianna_love

It’s natural to expect a lot from your significant other. He’s become your go-to person– the one you want to tell everything to, share everything with. He’s not just your boyfriend, he’s also your best friend.

But if you think about it, not all your friends have the same qualities or give you the same advice. I have some friends that I know will always be down for anything– any party, any adventure, any time, any where. I have friends that I love to shop with. I have friends I hate to shop with.

I have friends I talk to about boy problems and different friends I talk to about family problems. Every relationship is different, and it doesn’t mean one is any less significant than the other. So why do we expect our boyfriend to be everything in one?

We tend to expect more from our boyfriends than we do from our friends, and we get upset when he doesn’t deliver. But we shouldn’t. Guys just aren’t great at talking about emotions and feelings. He does care, he just doesn’t always know what to say. What matters is that he’s there for you when you and he cares about you. But he’s also just one person and there are some things that he’s just not going to get the way your friends do.

1. Your outfit

Your boyfriend is never going to understand the vast difference between the scoop neck black dress with lace sleeves and the round neck black dress with sheer sleeves. “Are you trying to trick me? They look the same.” No, they’re not the fucking same, but he’s not going to see that. He’s going to think you look hot either way, and if you want to know which one makes your left arm look skinnier, you’re better off asking your friend.

2. Instagram

If he has an Insta, it most likely consists of three photos and 12 followers, or its filled with gym selfies. You constantly have to remind him to Like your pics and no matter how many Thursdays you drop hints to him about posting a #tbt with bae, he’s not going to do it. On the other hand you can always count on your friends to throwback to countless blackout nights any day of the week.

3. Friend drama

He might patiently listen while you tell him all about how Jenna’s being a passive agressive betch, Kendal was SO annoying last night and Emily’s lack of enthusiasm about your brunch was incredibly hurtful, he’s not going to actively participate in the conversation. He probably doesn’t see what the big deal is, and definitely can’t relate as guys don’t fight with their friends the same way we do. Instead of providing a refreshing perspective to the situation, he’ll probably give you a few grunts of agreement with whatever your opinion is and then move on. If you want a real insight on the matter (I think the person Jenna’s really mad at is Ben who won’t answer her texts) you’ll be more satisfied discussing it with your friends.

4. The latest episode of “The Mindy Project”

Again, he might look like he’s listening patiently as you discuss the latest advancement on Mindy and Danny’s relationship, but what he’s really thinking about his next Fantasy Football move. He doesn’t watch the show, finds Mindy mildly annoying and really wishes she wasn’t your role model. Your friends, however, will call you right after the episode to discuss it, and help you draft your application to be Mindy Kaling’s new personal assistant.

5. His annoying co-worker

He’s working on a project with that blonde b*tch in his office and, it may be unreasonable, but you’re jealous AF. Nonetheless, whining to him about her and sending him twenty texts just checking up on him is going to annoy him. Your friends will be much more understanding on the matter and eagerly help you stalk every element of her social media and analyze whether or not her hairline gives away her brunette roots. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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