23 Signs That Your BF Is Also Your BFF

Flickr / lil’_wiz
Flickr / lil’_wiz


You have the stupidest inside jokes ever that only you two understand—or sometimes even you guys don’t understand them, but for some strange reason you still find them hilarious.


He helps you pick out your outfits and loves doing it, even if it takes two hours.


You watch TV shows together and get furious with one another if one of you guys watches ahead.


You’re both really gross around each other but at the bottom of your hearts, no matter how many “ews” or “that’s disgustings” are thrown at each other, you know you both love how comfortable you are around each other.


You both cry and stuff your faces with ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s of course) while watching romantic movies.


You’ve become so comfortable around each other to the point where both of you have said some really dumb things without realizing and yet you still love each other more and more.


You’ve had gossip sessions about your friends with him and you know he loves them, even though he says he doesn’t.


You both laugh so hard at your ridiculous jokes to the point where both of you start snorting—which just makes you laugh harder and snort even more.


You can read each other’s minds.

“Pizza for breakfast?”

“Dude, yes.”


He’s the first person you go to when you landed that job, got an A on that test you were really nervous about, or even as simple as getting excited over the fact that you finally got that piece of corn out of your teeth!


You are masters at cuddling.


You bring out the best in each other.


You both stopped caring about how you look around each other a long time ago. You love each other no matter how ugly you look in the morning.


You guys are so close that your friends see you as one person.


And when you show up to a dinner party without your boyfriend, your friends become totally confused and keep asking you where your other half is.


The word “privacy” doesn’t mean anything to you two anymore.


You started to share everything: drinks, clothes, music tastes.


You’ve created your own language.


You make fun of each other.


You playfully fight with each other.


You can never take a serious photo; one of you always pulls a funny face.


All the Snapchat videos that you make of each other when one of you is dancing in the kitchen to Ariana Grande are horrendous.


But you both know that no matter how goofy and ridiculous you two are, what you have is so special and rare. The fact that you can connect so easily and make each other laugh makes you realize that he truly is the one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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