100 Things That Make You Perfect

Flickr / Photofinish 2009
Flickr / Photofinish 2009

I can’t believe that it has been 12 months—a whole year. I still remember giggling like a child and blushing to the point where my cheeks looked like giant tomatoes when you first said hello to me. In these short 12 months I had the privilege to see you beyond the already perfect image that you project to the people you first meet, to strangers and to your friends. In these 12 months, I was lucky enough to see your quirks and imperfections, I was able to listen to your dreams and ambitions, to understand what makes you laugh and what makes you cry, and best of all, I had the most amazing time of getting to know you on a deeper level. I got to see the different things that you’re made up of—the perfect little things that aren’t really perfect, but are truly perfect to your loved ones and me.

And so to really show how much you mean to me, I’ve created a list of the qualities that make you perfect:

1. You make the best food.
2. You teach me how to make food. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch a fish, and you feed him for a lifetime, eh?
3. You say “I love you” on the phone before you hang up.
4. You love your mom, your brother and every other family member dearly.
5. You still love me even when I’m being difficult.
6. When you’re driving, you don’t let go of my hand, and when you slow down and stop at the traffic lights you kiss it with those soft lips of yours.
7. You’re hilarious and make me laugh.
8. You’re passionate about things, even if sometimes your goals in life aren’t too clear—well, whose are?
9. Your arms are so comfortable to sleep in.
10. You tell me that I’m beautiful even when I’m stuffing my face with cereal.
11. You always cheer me up if I’m upset.
12. You’re not afraid of commitment.
13. You smell amazeballs even when you’re sweaty.
14. You’re always on time and don’t get angry when I’m 2 hours late.
15. You’re very responsible and mature.
16. You’re beautiful when you cry.
17. You never let me get mad at you.
18. You’re not all about going out and partying you love staying in on Saturday nights once in a while, eating good food with good friends.
19. You push me to be better.
20. You make me want to be better.
21. You make me see the truth and reality even when I’m blinded by my immaturity and ignorance.
22. You kiss my forehead.
23. You kiss my cheeks.
24. You kiss my fingers.
25. You kiss my neck.
26. You kiss my everything.
27. You’re a health nut (most of the time).
28. Your presence makes my day that much better.
29. You take me out on some of the most amazing and memorable dates.
30. You think I’m pretty without any make up on.
31. You have OCD (how is that a bad thing, really?)
32. You take care of me when I’m sick, or you know, all the time. #Guilty.
33. You stay positive even when you have a bunch of problems on your plate.
34. You’re proud of me.
35. You support me.
36. When you make future plans, I’m always a part of them and you’re always a part of mine.
37. You nibble on my ears oh-so-delicately and it drives me crazy.
38. You’re intelligent.
39. You constantly rearrange the furniture and fix things, which I find hilarious.
40. You love Friends as much as I do.
41. You stayed in Singapore because of me.
42. You love cuddling with me!
43. Some of the nicknames you gave me are just too hilarious and very creative.
44. You’re gorgeous inside and out.
45. Your laugh is contagious.
46. You’re only selfish when it comes to me.
47. You made me believe that soul mates exist.
48. You watch dumb chick flicks with me.
49. You actually remembered that I love chai tea latte and bought one for me that one time I was really sick.
50. You’re respectful and caring.
51. You have the best musical taste.
52. Your glasses make you look smexy.
53. You’re gentle.
54. You carry me around everywhere.
55. You’re tall and the advantages that come with that including getting our awesome king-sized bed and I can wear heels around you.
56. You’re strong—physically and mentally.
57. You’re the best person to live with.
58. You’re romantic.
59. Did I already mention you make the best food ever? Well, it’s the best.
60. Your cool English accent. Duh.
61. You don’t play silly games and fight over who “wins” in the relationship.
62. You’re honest.
63. You’re not arrogant.
64. Your loving mother raised you.
65. The way you playfully annoy me.
66. You accept my weird hobbies and likings including obsessing over stationery.
67. You tolerate me.
68. You constantly surprise me.
69. ;)
70. You still love me even when I’m being immature.
71. You make me feel sexy
72. You’re compassionate.
73. You talk like a literature essay.
74. You’re my best friend.
75. My God, you’re sexy.
76. You’re trustworthy.
77. Your dance moves suck, but I find them funny.
78. Your massages are so amazing.
79. Your collar bones are sexy.
80. Your drumming skills and the way you drum on anything. Really anything.
81. Your singing.
82. Your adorable facial expressions.
83. You’re hardworking.
84. You make me feel safe.
85. You give me butterflies even after a year.
86. You put up with me taking photos of you.
87. Your voice.
88. You keep all my weird secrets. Right?
89. How you worship me.
90. You care for my family.
91. You give me strength when I’m weak.
92. You bring out the best in me.
93. You don’t call me babe or baby because let’s face it those pet names are common and ridiculous.
94. You listen to my silly dreams.
95. Your bond with your brother.
96. You appreciate me.
97. You’re confident. And confidence is sexy.
98. You’re patient, especially with me.
99. You try to be nice to my cat even though you’re a dog lover.
100.You love me for who I am.

However, this tiny list is composed of only some of your amazing qualities. A simple list just won’t do, because you’re so much more than that. There’s an infinite amount of things that make you perfect—not the perfect image that people project to others to make themselves more admirable but perfect to me.

I love you and I can’t wait to spend another 12 months with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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